Tartlets Recipe // a vegan spin on a Danish classic


Soy chunks ( I used Chicken Chuncks from LikeMeat) // veggie stock // asparagus (in a jar or a tin) // oat milk // salt and pepper // tartlet pastries // vegan butter // wheat flour

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I prefer the chunks from LikeMeat which are widely available in Denmark and Germany and comes in a cardboard box. By whatever substitute can work, as long as it imitates white meat like chicken. You can also go without the meat substitute and then opt for small bits of carrot or jackfruit and peas. However, I wanted it to be as close to the classic dish as possible, which is why I went with the substitute, but do whatever is available and suits you.

How to: Start by boiling the soy chunks in water and veggie stock for about 5-6 minutes.  Take them out, but save the water, and with two forks separate the chunks into small slender pieces. Now it’s time to make the sauce. Place a pot on medium heat and melt 2 tablespoons of vegan butter. When the butter is melted mix it with a tablespoon of flour, you can add more if needed. The texture should resemble a thick batter. When the consistency is right start by adding 2 deciliters of oat milk and mix again. I recommend used a whisk to get all dough bits mixed into the sauce. Now, open the asparagus and 1 deciliter of the water from the can or the jar. This is seriously the key to that classic tartlet taste.

Wait until the sauce has the right consistency to add them and the soy chunks. Keep adjusting the sauce by adding oat milk or veggie broth if needed. The consistency should not be thin and watery but rather thick and able to stay on a fork, so if it gets too thin then mix a glass of oat milk and flour and mix that in while it’s boiling to add thickness. Then it’s just right, add the chunks and asparagus. The sauce should be served in the pastries, which can be difficult to make yourself but can be found in Danish supermarkets premade, and most of those are already plant-based. If you do not live in Denmark you can use any kind of savory pastry dough and prebake them in a cupcake mold. Warm up the pastries in the oven for 1-2 minutes and you’re ready to eat!

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Do you have leftovers? Great! I love to make a light lunch spread with the leftover tartlet sauce. All you have to do to make vegan chicken salad is add 2 tablespoons of mayo to every 2 deciliters of sauce. Also add chopped chives, spring onion, and finely chopped red onion. You can serve this in a sandwich (strongly recommend) or on a piece of rye bread.

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