What’s in my zero waste bag // sustainable swaps I use EVERYDAY

Hello everybody! What seems essential when it comes to creating a sustainable lifestyle is different for everybody. As such, I won’t try to create a universal one-size-fits-all zero waste kit, it simply doesn’t work like that. Instead I want to show you what is in the bag I carry around every day. These items are pretty essential to me, and hopefully this can serve as some inspiration if you’re trying to figure out what you need.

  • Two tote bags, one large and one smol
  • Headset (second hand) Marshalls, quality tho, don’t recommend
  • Vintage silk scarf
  • Freebie pencil
  • Spork
  • Second hand laser pointer
  • Second hand wallet
  • Reusable water bottle (YT offish)
  • Thrifted notebook
  • Calendar in recycled paper from ScrapPad

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