Beauty Products You Don’t Need

Hello everybody! I thought I would talk a bit about all these products we are told that we need and what I personally think about them. A big part of zero waste is asking yourself whether or not you actually need these items, and more importantly what you actually need to buy, brand new and unused. The answer, very very few items. There are a lot of unnecessary products out there that are absolutely useless, here goes:

Primer – I never truly got the idea, I never truly saw a difference, which makes product useless and unnecessary. A primer is supposed to make your makeup stay on for a longer period of time and make the colours in your makeup pop. When it comes to makeup, keep it simple. Remember, coconut oil is your best friend and yes, it can also be used before applying makeup. So skip the unnecessary beauty products. This is also the case with setting powder, eye brow gel and all translucent powders, sprays and gels.

Disposable Q-tips – Except for q-tips being harmful to your inner ear environment, a towel or washable napkin does the same job. You can also get stainless steel tips in medical stores if you really want a product specific for ear cleaning.

Conditioner – It comes in unrecyclable plastic, and coconut oil, avocado, egg, sunflower oil and a ton of other natural alternatives to smooth and heal the hair. I would mention shampoo, but if you want to avoid plastic AND still wash your hair there are a lot of great waste-free shampoo bars out there, Lush, Isangs and what not.

Makeup remover – Who ever came up with the scam that you need a specific products to remove your makeup is seriously a genius, because it makes no sense at all. Use a towel, water and coconut oil. Guys, seriously, coconut oil is your best friend!

Scrubs and creme – both facial and all-over cremes are SO easy to make yourself – just check out this guide. Scrubs are literally the easiest thing ever, just use salt, sugar or coffee grinds and there you go. Spending unnecessary money on packaging, which is what you are actually paying for, is easy to avoid

Salt water spray – These products is so stupid that I am almost crying! The same goes for setting spray, healing water and what else is out there. With the chance for sounding old and stupid, I must say, who buys this? We are told through television, the internet and advertisements that we need all these different products to look beautiful. But the truth is, no hair style should require this much tending to, if it does, spend the precious time in other things. You can be the most beautiful person in the world with a ponytail and loose hair, if you believe in yourself and just rock it.

That is all for me today, leave a comment down below and share what products you think are unnecessary!


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