Monday, November 14, 2016

Falafel Recipe and Buy It Once Attitude

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Hello everybody! Recently, I finally got a cast iron skillet. I was always told that you need to invest in quality over quantity, but as university student that is easier said than done. I was so lucky to receive one. Cast iron is in true spirit of the zero waste movement, and in alignment of  ‘buy it once’. I talk way more about this in my latest video – watch it here. This particular skillet is from EcoKitch.dk – a sustainable Danish webshop. They even sent me the most sustainable stationary I have ever seen, check it out on my Instagram! Now to the recipe, this is a mixture that I personally favour, and I hope you will too.

You will need: Chickpeas, onion, garlic, carrot, flour, thyme, rosemary, salt, pepper, chive and water

How to: Put chickpeas, onion, garlic and carrots in a blender. I like to chop them you in small pieces for the process to go smoother. Add water if needed. When it is all one lovely dough, add herbs and spices. Mix it with flour in a bowl until the texture resembles that of bread dough. Then either deep fry them or fry them on a pan, you decide depending on what you like, although I think the texture is better then deep fried. Serve with veggies and a dip and you are good to go!

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2 thoughts on “Falafel Recipe and Buy It Once Attitude

  1. Kære Gitte Mary
    Jeg er langsomt i gang med at gøre min levevis mere bæredygtig, og derfor ville jeg høre, om du evt. har skrevet et indlæg med hjemmesider eller butikker i Danmark, der sælger bæredygtigt køkkenudstyr (og evt. andre ting)? Eller om du kunne finde på at skrive et sådant indlæg? Jeg er nemlig ved at samle køkkengrej sammen, til når jeg engang flytter hjemmefra, og jeg vil rigtig gerne have bæredygtige kvalitetsprodukter allerede fra start af, så jeg ikke behøver købe en masse billigt plastik… Jeg regner dog også med at købe nogle ting 2hand. På forhånd tak – din blog er en inspiration! :-)
    KH Thea

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