PIZZA NIGHT // the best vegan pizza (again)

Hello everybody! I’ve mentioned my favourite pizza a few times, but it is (to be fair) amazing. I am taking an off-night catching up on shows and movies that I have been too busy to watch, the 4th season of Lucifer for instance. Pizza is completely my go-to food whenever I need to relax. Today, I made my own tomato sauce, bbq sauce, and dough. If you’re interested in the recipe then hit up the link down below.


Also yes, I totally ate the whole thing in bed. I adore eating dinner in bed, there is something oddly calming about it, minus the crumbs. I also do most of my online work from under my covers, like answering emails and editing videos. I can barely concentrate at a desk, so yes this is the situation. I doubt I am the only person who likes it this way, although I have heard it should supposedly be less beneficial for your productiveness, I honestly feel the opposite effect. Anyway, I am going to enjoy my pizza and get back to my date with Netflix.


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