Why Are Your Old Posts Still Public?

Hello everybody! A question that keeps coming back is related to my old fashion blogger days, some of you guys, lovely as you are, have had the time to look through old posts, posts that are two or three and even five years old. Yes, they are still public and available to everyone’s amusement, you are welcome. However, there is a serious reason why I have not made my old posts private.

It is very important to me that these posts are available, because I want you guys to see where I come from and how my journey has been.  If I deleted them, it would maybe seem to some that I have always been interested in sustainability, and maybe raised in a family with focus on these things. I have not, and I feel that it is important to show you guys that. I changed my ways, and I keep changing my ways still. It is important to keep reevaluating your life because no one is ever perfect.

Four years ago I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined that I would be promoting and living Zero Waste and plastic free, even giving lectures about it, and most importantly, have so many amazing readers, tons more than I had as a fashion blogger. A more recent example, is that no more than one year ago I would never have thought I would be able to live without meat, I have been a vegetarian for two months, not a lot no, but I am just getting started and I love it.

But in spite of my change I would never even consider taking down my old videos or blog posts. This is also the reason why my videos, in which I talk about how to buy meat without plastic, are still available (also because I think plastic pollution and waste is an issue everyone should take note of,  no matter what your dietary choices are). Embrace your change, but most importantly embrace your journey and celebrate it instead of hiding it away. You never know, some people might find the journey more inspiring  than perfection.


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