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Bleschu Soap Berries Review

Hello everyone! I got to try out the “lovebirds” box from Bleschu, which a couple’s box in a once-every-two-months subscription service, it is almost as if I planned for this to go up on Valentine’s Day, right? I realise the irony of the situation, as I, in a previous video, mentioned how these monthly subscription boxes are super wasteful, usually because they are filled with crappy travel sized products that you do not need, you can watch the video here btw.

However, when Bleschu offered me this box I was quite intrigued, firstly because the entire box is compostable (except the bristles on the toothbrush, sadly), secondly because these are everyday products and not specific beauty or fashion items. It consists of bamboo and wooden products as well as products made from a plant-based plastic alternative. Compostable and zero micro plastic. Would you consider buying this box?

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