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Hello everybody! As an individual who is deeply passionate about the well-being of our planet, I take great pride in not letting anything be up to mere convenience, which is why I cut out fast fashion a long time ago. As you may know, I primarily shop my clothes second hand, however it is not the case with underwear. Instead I choose brands, like Organic Basics, who initiate ethical and sustainable production of clothes.

The fashion industry is responsible for 1,715 million tons of CO2 in 2015, it costs about 2720 litres of water to simply produce a tshirt, which is often done under unethical conditions in factories and sweatshops, and sadly, 95% of recycled clothing is not recycled. These are the facts of an industry which caters to our desire for cheap and convenient products, and these facts all communicate an overall need for a serious change in the way we purchase and consume products.

Therefore it is so overwhelmingly important that we, as consumers, demand more from the fashion industry. When supporting brands like Organic Basics, who are transparent and honest about their production, materials, working conditions and impact, you automatically support a healthier consumerism, which is not founded in trends or convenience.

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