the most *SUMMER AESTHETIC* I’ve ever been + elderflower syrup

Hello everybody, this is a general update from this eternal *SUMmer* mood. I am absolutely read to wear this all July, no joke. I am so drawn towards light colours and it feels like a great shift for my wardrobe, or at least like a well-deserved break for my black jeans. Luckily, it’s super easy to find amazing vintage items and second-hand things that match this aesthetic, so there is no need for fast fashion.

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I have also been catching up on lots of Summer activities, that are also super sustainable, at least in comparison to buying the exact same thing packaged. I am of course talking about elderflower syrup, which has to be my favoruite Summer flavour. I went for a run the other day, and I ended up finding a couple of flowers to bring home. Simply put them in a jar with a slice of lemon, 1 tablespoon of sugar, and some water. Close the jar and set it aside in your fridge for three days.

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I like to use the elderflower mixture in smoothies and in cocktails. You can also boil it into a reduction with some more sugar and use it in desserts. It can also just be mixed with cold water and enjoyed ever so simply.

The outfit I am wearing here is a perfect combo of sustainable brands and vintage finds! (And a tiny subscriber gift too) The skirt is from OhSevenDays, a brand that I absolutely love, they are sustainable, ethical and they reuse waste fabrics as well as organic cotton. Most of the pieces are made to order so they themselves have very little waste. The skirt specifically is made from surplus cotton, so my only concern is honestly how to keep it clean, lol.

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With it, I have my vintage sunglasses from the 70’s, they are restored by LunelVintage, who also reuse the discarded lenses for a full-circle zero waste experience. Aaand the sneaks are from Cariuma and they are primarily made from a bamboo knit, the sole is leather-free and the details and laces are recycled plastic.

The rest of what I am wearing is thrifted or vintage, one of my favourite pieces being the scarf that I bought from a vintage store in Berlin. I rarely know how to style scarfs in my actual outfit, but I love to tie them to my bags, it gives the outfit some extra sass aka pattern splash and dimension. The scrunchie in my hair was sent to me by a subscriber who makes them herself, so thank you a million times for that. I wear it literally all the time.

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