KITCHEN GUIDE // best ways to store your food *ultimate list*

Hello everybody! I recently posted a reel on insta showing *in a much fast-paced manner* how to store certain food items so they stay fresh for longer, and it was suggested that I made a comprehensive list for people to easily access, and you know what, that is a brilliant idea! Almost 50% of all food that is produced ends up in the bin, and in many cases, it goes to landfill, where organic material – like food, won’t be able to break down and compost, instead it releases huge amounts of methane (which is a GHG 25 times more potent than CO2), as such a big part of sustainability is about making your resources last, and avoiding food waste. So here is how I store different foods to make them last longer.


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  • Carrots: store in fridge in a container with water (peeled/unpeeled works)
  • Cucumber: stay fresh in fridge, no wrapping or packaging
  • Leafy greens with stalks: store in a jar of water in the fridge
  • Leafy greens without stalks: rinse and prep, and store in a dry container
  • Leftovers: store in a solid container
  • Melon (cut): store in fridge with cut parts covered, I recommend wax wraps
  • Mushrooms: wrap in a towel and place in an open container in the fridge
  • Salad leftovers: I recommend keeping them dry in a solid and closed container. Personally, I try to separate “wet” and “dry” parts of the salad so they are crisp and fresh the next day


  • Tomatoes: store outside the fridge (unless overripe)
  • Avocado: store outside the fridge, but away from direct sunlight
  • Citrus/orange: outside the fridge
  • Apples: outside fridge, and away separate from other produce
  • Potatoes: not in the fridge, but dark and cool
  • Onions: separate from potatoes, but also dark and cool
  • Leek: outside the fridge
  • Spring onion: in water in a jar, in sunlight (for that regrowing action)
  • Bananas: outside the fridge (but inside if overripe)
  • Bread: I store in glass jars or tote bags on the counter, you can also reuse a plastic over and over (if you are storing freshly baked goods, let them cool down completely before storing them away, because the condensation can make them mold faster

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I have used glass jars for storing leftovers in the freezer, here is how I avoid them breaking, leave 3-5 cm of room at the top of the jar (better too much than too little). Water expands when it freezes, so there needs to be enough room for it. I also let my leftovers cool down to room temperature before putting them in the freezer because the temperature contrast between piping hot meals and a freezer can also make the glass break.

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  1. Yes! This is so useful. I remember you saying to keep carrots in water which was so useful. My supermarket for a while only had 1kg bags of carrots and some were going to waste! Not anymore.

  2. Ahh this is perfect! Thanks again! 🥰

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