ZERO WASTE CLEANING GUIDE // tips and product recommendations

Hello everybody! To collect the information I have shared in now several cleaning vlogs, I thought it was time to make a list. These are the sustainable products that I personally use to clean my home, but ofc there might be others out there (I am completely certain there is). You can also check out my list of online zero waste shops, which might be good if you’re looking for a place to pick up a more sustainable version of your household products.

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Sponges and cloths in natural fibers won’t release microplastic when you use them. My sponges are made from mushrooms or coconut fiber. My brushes, both the ones I use for dishes, the ones I clean my straws and jars with, and my toilet brush are natural fiber brushes with wooden handles from Redecker. I have bought my crocheted cotton cloths from thrift shops and small vendors who make them, but they can also be found online. I also have a more rough jute cloth from Lavinia which helps with the more stubborn stains.

One thing to be mindful of with these products, especially the ones with wooden handles, or natural bristles is that they are stored in dry spaces. If they are stored in the sink and are constantly wet they might break faster or mold. So remember to leave them to dry in-between uses.

Coconut sponge: click here for a Danish shop // click here for a UK shop // click here for a US shop

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For the longest time I bought my dish soap from the Danish company Munkholm, they had a deal with my favorite local zero waste shop and made glass bottles available as packaging rather than plastic. However, I haven’t seen them around for ages. Now I still use the glass bottles I got from them, but I bring them to my local bulk store and buys my dish soap package free.

Here are some other options if you don’t have access to a bulk store:

Solid dish soap from No Tox Life // Solid dish soap from LoofCo // Liquid soap concentrate from Etee // DIY Castile dish soap

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I have been used the products from the Danish startup Nuuii for some time now. The concept is simple and saves a lot of packaging. You mix one of these concentrated cleaning capsules with water, and bam that’s it. Then you can buy refills in small cardboard, and mix your cleaner in whatever container you like.


You can also make your own homemade cleaning agent, I’ve done it for years. Peel 2-3 oranges, take the peel (eat the oranges) and cover them completely in vinegar. It is really important that they are completely covered. Then let it soak for 2ish weeks and then you have a super strong and incredibly versatile cleaning agent


to remove stains, soap leftovers, makeup, and other products from my sinks and toilet, I use a gentle bathroom balm from Mangle & Wringer. it is incredibly effective and also comes in plastic-free packaging.

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  1. Hi Gittemary! Thanks for this and all of your work as well! I live in Hungary and I use Cycle cleaners from a local startup. They are creating their cleaners from recycling wastewater, really worths checking it out! 🙂

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