Eco Brands I Stand By // a list of sustainable fashion companies

Hello everybody! I often plug a sustainable brand, and I love working with companies from the sustainable fashion world, but sometimes it can be difficult to navigate all the info, or simply to find a brand I talked about 2 years ago. So now I am trying to make a list that I can update every now and then. Whenever I stumble upon a green brand, I’ll add them to this list, so you can be updated to date on the best sustainable brands always. There are products or elements that I love on each of these sites, but not everything is vegan, just have that in mind.


  • Mahla Clothing: a brand that strives towards zero waste production, has cool and edgy designs and uses both deadstock, waste fabrics, and recycled materials.
  • Oh Seven Days: makes limited editions collections to avoid overproduction, surplus fabrics and makes fashionable and stylish pieces
  • Aniela Parys: makes both clothes, underwear and swimwear, handmade pieces from Barcelona
  • Noo Boo: t-shirts made ethically in bamboo fiber
  • Wituka: organic non-basic t-shirts with cool and nerdy prints, made ethically in their workshop in Spain.
  • Lucy & Yak: UK based clothing brands that do everything for transparent and ethical fashion, makes a variety of clothes, including cool overalls and dresses.
  • People Tree: UK based clothing brand that makes sustainable, organic and ethical fashion pieces
  • Maium: makes raincoats from recycled plastic bottles from Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
  • ArmedAngels: a Germany based fashion brand that makes conscious and sustainable clothing for both men and women.


  • Miret: makes veggie sneakers in plant fibers
  • Wair: uses waste fabric and natural rubber to make vegan sneakers in Portugal
  • Cariuma: A conscious sneakers brand from Rio
  • Ethletic: an ethical and vegan sneakers company that uses Fair Trade cotton and natural rubber


  • Organic Basics: makes underwear, socks, and activewear in Tencel and recycled materials (affiliate link)
  • Troo: reuses recycled lace to make beautiful sustainable and handmade lingerie
  • Under Protection: underwear brand that uses organic and recycled material
  • Dilling: uses organic cotton and dies their fabrics pollution-free


  • Grün: reused recycled materials and waste fabrics to make bags, laptops sleeves, and bag packs
  • Pakt: sustainable travel bag packs made from recycled single-use plastic (affiliate)
  • Charlie Feist: uses recycled materials and makes ethical and vegan bags in England


  • Black Buddha Jewelry: a Danish brand that is inspired both by the atmosphere of Bali and Norse mythology, all their pieces are made from recycled materials
  • Ana Luisa: luxury style jewelry made with recycled silver and gold, they also have lab-grown diamonds.
  • Honu: a company that makes beautiful jewelry and donates 10% of their profit to save the turtles
  • Votch: makes vegan watches and have a wide selection and plant-based leathers
  • Nordgreen: a watch brand with a large charity program, also has vegan watches, although they also carry leather items.

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