HOW DID I DO ON MY 2020 GOALS? // reacting to last year’s resolutions

Hello everybody! Last year I made a list of 20 things I wanted to do in 2020, and today we are going to take a look at how it went. How many of my goals I met and how many I did not. If you want to know more about why these were my goals, check out this blog post, or watch the video down below.

1 / Take the bus to Berlin (X). I actually did that, and rather quickly as well. I was invited to attend the Berlin Fashion Week in January, so I took the overnight bus from Aalborg to Berlin. I vlogged my experience, of course, and I also made a Berlin vegan food guide, based on my trip.

2 / Finish the Harry Potter series (X). Also, did that, while I took the bus back and forth from Berlin and Copenhagen I had my Harry Potter books by my side, and I finished them in the Spring. I will always love the HP universe and it has a very special place in my heart, even though I am less than impressed with JK. Check out this video for my all-time favourite books.

3 / Publish my book (X). Don’t know if you have seen it, I haven’t talked about it AT ALL, yes I am being ironic because of course my book was published! Bæredygtig Badass is out in Denmark and as of now, I am working on both English and German translations. If you want to see more about my book, and my book tour, then check out this vlog. You can buy my book via my publisher, in Danish bookstores, online, and via my Instagram, where I gladly sign it before shipping

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4 / Do a handstand (eh?). Okay kind of, but not really. I never learned how to do a good handstand without support, but I got more comfortable being upside down, I strengthened my arms and shoulders so physically I think I am able to do it, but I am mentally still struggling to commit to it. I have done it up against a wall though, and I see that as a semi-win, haha.

5 / Get the green belt in Taekwondo (X). Yes, I got it, even though covid closed down our gym for months, we manage to arrange graduation while covid was at its lowest and it was safe. I got my green belt, and I am so proud of myself. Now, I am hoping to achieve a blue belt at the beginning of 2021.

6 / Make vegan sushi (X). Also yes, aaaand I even made a recipe for the rather untraditional sushi I managed to make, but it tastes amazing and that is all that counts. You can find the recipe through this link.

7 / Paint a wall in my apartment ( ). Yeah, how about moving apartments instead? I never got to paint, but when I wrote this Jens and I were also not planning on moving on together, but a lot can change over 12 months, and I am so happy to be living together instead.

8 / Host five dinner parties (X). I love hosting, and I love making vegan food for my friends, and luckily we have had been able to throw 5 small covid-friend dinner parties for 4-5 people we already see weekly.

9 / Run 3 laps around the park, no break (X). I have quite a couple of goals related to fitness and personal health because 2020 was a year where I started really enjoying exercise and moving my body. I also got to run three laps around our park, and that was a great day let me tell you.

10 / Go on a road trip with Jens (X). Jens and I have been taking some trips to his parents’ cottage, we have borrowed their car to get there several times this year, and because we do not have a car, we have used the opportunity to go and see someplace otherwise out of reach by busses or trains.

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11 / Get your home compost up and running (eh?). Well first yes, and then no. I got one up and running before I moved, but now I have yet to make a permanent solution. However, I have a bokashi composting set ready to do, so I’ll be experimenting with that in 2021.

12 / Make more style content (X). I feel like I was better this year than last year when it comes to sustainable fashion and beauty content. I have been taking more outfit pictures and made more styling videos, perhaps, even more, is to come in 2021. Check out some of my sustainable fashion tips here.

13 / Take the bus to a random location ( ). Yeah again, no a lot of traveling was done this year. Next year it is!

14 / Have a TV appearance ( ). No, this year, perhaps covid related as well. I have been doing tons of long-distance radio -and podcast appearances instead, so I haven’t been completely off the radar which is great when you have a book coming out.

15 / Go to Robjerg Mile with Jens (X). Robjerg Mile is a dessert (?) close to where I grew up in Northern Jutland, however, I have never seen it. So in my 2020 goals, I wanted to remind myself to be a tourist in my own local area. I went there with my mum and Jens, and we had a great time.

16 / Go to a concert ( ). That did not happen. I would probably have gone to Copenhell, a metal festival in Copenhagen, but alas covid did us dirty.

17 / Put up clothing hooks in the hallway ( ). Yup, never got around to doing it, but since I ended up moving, perhaps it was for the best.

18 / Be an independent business owner (X). Well, what do you know, she done did it. This one has by far been one of my biggest goals, to complete ever, and now I am here. My job is doing what I love, both with workshops, my book, lectures, YouTube, consultant jobs, and generally all sustainability-related advocacy. I always knew I wanted to be my own boss, I have worked hard to be here, so it feels amazing that things worked out and I can make a livable wage doing what I do.

19 / Do 50 pull-ups in a row (X). Despite a feeling that I would not be able to complete this goal, I did. During the lockdown, some buddies and I did a pull-up challenge where we did 50 every day for 2 weeks. In the beginning, I divided them into 5×10 during the day, but as we moved forward, I was able to do them all at once. It was in the Spring, and I doubt I can still do them though haha.

20 / Host 5 family dinners (4/5). We had a couple, but when covid hit I started social distancing to my parents and grandparents, we ended up having some wine nights via Skype which was still great.


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