RECIPE // smooth lentil pasta (you can’t taste the health)

Hello everybody! In tomorrow’s video, I promise to share the lentil sauce recipe, so here we go. This is a recipe where you can keep adding veggies, and it is never going to taste healthy. I reckon it would be perfect for picky eaters, or children who don’t like raw or boiled greens as well. It is super easy to make, and it does not require a lot of ingredients. Of course, you can add a whole lot extra, but to make the basic sauce, you basically just need lentil, pasta, tomato, and whatever veggies you have in your fridge. Let’s get cookin’.

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You’ll need: ½ a cup of red lentils // ½ an onion // 1 small carrot // 4-5 tpsps of tomato sauce // pasta water // 2 cloves of garlic // powder vegetable boullion // salt, pepper, oregano and basil 4 tpsps of nutritional yeast (optional)

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1. chop the onions, garlic, and carrot into medium-sized bits. 2. place the veggies in a pot, along with the lentils and vegetable bouillon, and add water until everything is covered (+ 2-3 centimeters of extra water). 3. When the lentils are soft, transfer everything until a blender, but let it cool before blending. 4. bring some pasta to a boil, and cook it until it is aldente. 5. add 1/4th of a cup of pasta water, as well as the tomato sauce to the blender – then mix. 6. Add your salt, pepper, and herbs (and nutritional yeast). 7. Blend until the sauce is smooth. 8. Combine the sauce and the pasta on a skillet on low heat with a few drops of olive oil – add the optional nutritional yeast here as well. 9. Enjoy.

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