Visiting China’s Only Zero Waste Shop // THE BULK HOUSE

Hello everybody! I had the amazing opportunity to meet up with the owner of China’s only zero waste shop right here in Beijing. It’s the funniest thing actually, I got in contact with Carrie, the amazing and brilliant woman who runs the shop, through an Instagram follower, and we got connected on WeChat. Without having decided on a day to meet up, I end up walking right by the store whilst searching for a vintage shop. It’s quite mental considering how massive Beijing actually is.

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I got to hear a lot about the store and how it opened. I know that generally zero waste initiatives are more difficult than other stores, but in the case of The Bulk House, it’s a whole other level. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the people how run this place despite the obstacles in China, and it was definitely an extremely inspirational meeting.

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  1. Your blog is so cute – I try to check it once a week now. The bags/duffles I see in some of the pics are very adorable.

  2. I didn’t know as zero waste shop existed in Beijing! But that’s so cool as I have the feeling that many Asian countries should address their plastic problem in the near future. It’s crazy how much plastic is used in everyday life there…

  3. wow it’s great that you got to visit the bulk house in Beijing before they closed and moved online! i live here and am having trouble looking for places to buy zero waste essentials since their website doesn’t have a lot of stuff. i just found your blog and I love the videos you make on youtube.

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