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Hello everybody! Even though I am zero waste and generally try to minimise my consumption of goods as much as I can, sometimes I fall completely head over heels for a interior item or the like. I saw this tile nightstand somewhere, and I just could not get it out of my head.


Therefore I decided to make it myself, but without buying anything from new. The general rule of thrift karma is, if you stop thinking about what you need, it will manifest itself, seriously. My neighbour was moving out and he sold the his old basic Ikea table for 10 DKK. Easy. I started slowly looking for tiles, because guess what, those bitches are expensive as heck. I ended up buying white tiles from three different places – all second hand of course.

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To give you a quick idea of how I did it, I attached the tiles to the table using a cement-like glue. Specifically for tiles, it comes in a paper bag and it is a powder, which needs to be mixed with water. I let the tiles and the glue dry for 24 hours before applying the black filler. It is still super visible on the tiles, and I think they got a bit stained also, but I actually don’t mind. Consult actual professionals if you want a cleaner look than mine. I ended the project by washing the table down as much as I could, leaving the exposed white tiles.



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