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Hello everybody! I’ve been on Patreon for a little more than a month now, and I really enjoy being able to connect a lot more with you (which is all possible thanks to resources you give me). As a part of my Patreon programme I provide my supporters with exclusives and bonuses that are only available to them; this is one of them, and it’s a big one!

My Patreon // Support now

On the first of November, at 1 PM, I’ll be going live to answer all your questions, to talk to you and to connect. The way it’s going to work is that I’ve created a facebook group that is only accessible through a Patreon link, which you will find in a supporter’s only post. When you’re in the facebook group you’ll need to add yourself to the group. When that’s done you just wait for November 1st and come hang out.

All donations count as admissions to the livestream, which means that no matter if you donate 1$ or 10$ you’ll gain access. Just the fact that you want to help this community grow as amazing!


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