Spring Cleaning In The Flat

Hello everybody! I have spent all day cleaning my apartment today. The weather was absolutely amazing, so for the first time in ages I opened all the windows and let all the fresh air into the flat. I am actually really bad at airing out my place, especially when it is cold out, so today was not only much needed but also a bit of a milestone, don’t judge. I have talked a lot about zero waste cleaning lately. I’ve made both a video of my plastic-free cleaning supplies and a video about my latest decluttering.

One of the best things I can think of when going through a thorough cleaning, is how healthy it feels. I always de-stress completely when cleaning, however, I do it way too little, sadly. Whenever I clean, I always declutter at the same time as well. Getting rid of a little bit of stuff every time you clean can be really healthy, for me, it always ends up being an all-day-kind-of-project.

I thought I would also show you some of my small interior items which are all natural, low waste and upcycled. I found a black wooden box on the street, as I often do whenever I find something useful on the street, I took it home, washed it, found some use for it. The wooden box, which I assume was used for food deliveries of sorts, is now a little shelf for my shoes. Natural and wild plants and flowers as green decor. My vases are either all second hand of upcycled food containers.


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