7 Days of Zero Waste Breakfasts

Hello everybody! I get a lot of questions about easy, cheap and plastic-free breakfasts, so I thought I would give you an honest depiction my variety of breakfast meals. I have been struggling for a long time to actually force myself to eat breakfast because I seldom have any appetite in the morning. But I am in a really good routine where I get up early, wait 30 minutes and then I have something to eat. I will of course advice everyone to have a substantial breakfast, personally, I can feel a world of difference all throughout my day. So here are 7 zero-waste breakfasts.

Day one: I try to make this as often as I can because it makes me feel full for a really long time and it gives me loads of energy all throughout the day. It is an oat porridge that I make with 1 cup of oats, 2 cups of water and a pinch of salt. Depending on what I have in my pantry I will also add chia seeds, hemp seeds, nuts or homemade berry coulis (jam if you’re quick). I top it off with some cinnamon, vanilla, or peanut butter. It takes me 10 minutes to make, prep included.


Day two: I often have a lot of leftovers and it is not unusual for me to rid the fridge of some of those even in the morning. I’ll have whatever greens I have left overripe, homemade naan or pita and then with a scoop of mandatory hummus. Honestly, I love leftovers and this is one of the best things I know to start my day off.

Day three: I store all my bread in glass jars to avoid plastic, and on day three I need the jars for other things so I “had” to empty it lol. For breakfast, I had a spinach bun with hummus spread and crispy greens, specifically radishes, cucumber, and lettuce. I actually prefer to not have bread until later during the day, but that was a bad habit I developed whilst eating a lot of store-bought bread, luckily my body does not react badly to my homemade loaves.


Day four: It was pancake day y’all. I woke up quite late and decided to make my favorite 10 minutes pancake recipe. It is available in my ebook along with other of these recipes. Click here to download. I like to have some options with pancake toppings. Strawberries are good, peanut butter and chocolate is basically essential and some roasted hazelnuts are my new obsession.

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Day five: I am not necessarily proud of this moment, but I basically did not have breakfast on day five. A traditional Danish bun (it’s white bread that’s super crispy and we only eat them breakfast) with hummus was all I had time for. Yep, I am serving you busy gurl realness this morning.

Day six: I have a habit of just having a smoothie something as well. It’s not the most substantial breakfast and I get hungry after two hours but it wakes me up. A standard smoothie combo for me is oat milk, bananas, peanut butter and spinach (or berries) and depending on what I have in the fridge I will make a variation of that. I will usually have two average-sized glasses of smoothie.


Day seven: So this is a proud moment for me because on day seven I got to make a breakfast burrito. Although it was just a normal leftover burrito, I got it for breakfast, hence breakfast burrito. It had a bit of rice, greens, hummus and avo spread and beans. I absolutely loved it and I felt no shame.


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