ZERO WASTE DATE IDEAS // how to celebrate valentine’s sustainably

Hello everybody! As I cannot erase the materialistic aspects of consumer holidays by sheer spite alone (and god knows I’ve tried), I thought the more constructive thing to do would be to provide some sustainable dates and some green gift ideas, in case you are giving someone you love a gift. Being sustainable is not about never buying anything again, but it is about consuming consciously, and this also means finding sustainable brands to support if you are on the market for a special gift. Or an experience gift. Or a homemade one. Check this post to find out more.

check out this post for info about sustainable condom brands, birth control, and vibrators (not to be assumptious, but I feel like this is relevant)

ECO FASHION BRANDS I STAND BY (click here for sustainable clothing, underwear, and jewelry brands I love)


  • GO OUTSIDE: go for a hike, a slow walk, urban or natural, going for a walk, a run, a hike, or anything that suits both of you is a great idea and it creates no trash.
  • ONLINE: if you are in a long-distance relationship, or social distancing, go online and enjoy your separate dinner, a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, etc, you can keep it casual (aka PJs vibe) or dress up and be fancy (I prefer the latter, ofter to a comical level)
  • EXPERIENCE GIFTS: check out the list down below of ideas
  • SHARIN’: introduce your date to something from your life, your hobby, a sport you practice or follow, and make the date about your date taking part in something you love, or the other way around
  • da CLASSIC: dinner and a movie, need I say more (and it can easily be made pandemic-friendly)
  • BREAKFAST IN BED: yeah we are just going through all the classics now, but honestly, they are classics for a reason

broel x gittemary beer // hidden sea vegan wine

Experience gifts:

Gifts do not have to be physical things we wrap, they can be experienced, and honestly, these are my favourite gifts to both give and receive. I also always wish for experience gift cards and the like from people I know will otherwise buy me fast fashion or electronics. It is a sneaky way of making sure your gift will be more sustainable too. Here are my favourite experience gifts

Restaurants vouchers // dinner party invitations // concert tickets // picnics // museum/theatre visits // hotel/spa experience // game night // fitness workshops // ceramic/painting workshops // talks/lectures // movie tickets // thrift shop shopping spree // hikes/camping trips // bowling // sewing classes


Homemade greeting cards:

if you want to give someone a valentines card, there are plenty of ways to do that zero waste. Many options do not involve going down to a store and buying a card. You can of course support small businesses that produce sustainably made greet cards, which is also an ace option. But be aware of cards with plastic coatings and glitter (aka plastic) as this makes the card unrecyclable.

  • HOMEMADE PAPER: you can actually recycle paper at home and make your own greeting cards, I do this a while back and I had a blast, check out the video above for the guide
  • REUSING: use what you already have, like newspaper, cardboard, or perhaps a greeting card you got yourself at some point, reuse it
  • CREATE: if you’re creatively inclined, draw, make, sculpt, or paint something. It is so personal and cute.
  • DIGITAL: send a digital card to avoid paper altogether if that makes the most sense for you.

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