The best thrift shops in Aalborg //second-hand guide

Hello everybody! While this post might not be relevant to everyone, it has been requested many times and I am always there to help my local peeps out. Here is a list of the thrift shops I like the best in Aalborg. IGEN Shop (opens at 10 am), Hattemagervej 26

  • IGEN Shop (opens at 10 am), Hattemagervej 26
  • Red Cross Shop (opens at 10 am), Ny Kærvej 43
  • Blue Cross (opens at 10 am), Løven 6

when I say that I don’t need to buy things, even practical things, in new stores, these are the shops that make that possible, you can buy paperclips, tootls, nails, cords, office supplies and everything else here (+ they also have the standard selection of furniture, clothing, decor and kitchen utensils)

  • Mission Afrika Genbrug (opens at 10 am), Hadsundvej 42
  • Mission Afrika Genbrug (opens at 10 am), Nørregade 30
  • Guld&Rod (opens at 10 am) Stenbukken 3A

Guld&Rod is a “rent a shelf and sell your stuff kinda shops, and not a charity shop. Some of the items here are a bit ambitiously prized, I guess because the premise is that people has to earn money, in contrast to non-profit shops, but still I have found some pretty neat scoops here. Do be aware of the fact that some people are selling new things, and dropship style items, it would be best to avoid those.

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  • Red Cross Shop (opens at 10 am) Kastetvej 35
  • Kirkens Korshær Genbrug (opens at 12 pm), Søndergade 14
  • Kirkens Genbrug og Parasollens Genbrug (Butik 21) (opens at 12 pm), Boulevarden 36

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  • Red Cross Shop (opens at 1 am), Hadsundvej 48
  • HappyHand (opens at 1 pm), John F. Kennedys Pl. 45
  • Danmission Shop (opens at 1 pm), Niels Ebbesens Gade 10

HappyHand is an absolute joy, they are a non-profit thrift shop that also offer guidence and help to people who need it. They items are priced cheaply and I have often found good things in the shop.

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