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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Recently On Instagram

Hey Chicks! It has been a while since my last Insta update, if you already follow me on there, well you have properly seen all of these pictures then. But if you do not; it would amke my day of you hit that follow buttton! Durig this month I have; 1. Walked around very beautiful Autumn colours. 2. Been to a lovely event in Aarhus. 3. I have bought new rings, which of course is no surprise… 4. Picked mushrooms for ravioli, yum! 5. I have been doing lots of home related posts. 6. Said goodbye to my red hair colour.  Anyway, have I lovely  day!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Home Update // Life In Small Doses

Hey Chicks! I’ve recently acquired more plants, mostly because I loving having life around me now that it get almost Winter. It has a calming effect on me and it looks damn good around the flat! At the moment  I am making more home inspired posts, aaaaand maybe a tiny diy will slip its’ way in as well! Have a nice Monday!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Outfit Of The Day – Smooth Tunes

Cardi – Thrifted // Dress – Secondo Moda // Boots – Dr. Martens // Scarf - Vero Moda

Hey Chicks! Another cozy afternoon outfit from me, I am not feeling very glamorous at the moment, but instead I am reaching for a soft cardi and some smooth country music, you might know the feeling.. I am still adjusting my self to the change of hair colour, I but really like and it seems that you guys do too! Thank you for all the lovely comments, it sure made my decision a lot easier. Take care and enjoy your Saturday!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Most Watched Videos // Decor, Tattoos, Hauls

Hey Chicks! When in lack of good lighting one must simply get creative! I’ve put together a list of the most liked, watched etc videos from my Youtube channel. Some of them quite surprised me, frankly I’ve used more time on some than others,but I am just happy that you guys seem to like the videos I make.

1. My tattoos and their meaning, besides my questionable hair, I am quite content with this video, and I will be making another one soon! 2. The home decor haul I made right after I moved out from home. 3. My shoe collection video; these have been quite popular around the web and with a collective love for shoes I had to make this video, I was so happy you liked it! 4. A boho hair tutorial where I showed how to style your hair with a scarf, besides from the utterly embarrassing spelling error in the beginning of the video, it turned out alright. 5. Lookbook feat. Ida Emilie; a lookbook I made last year with one of my dear and talented artist friends, her music is to die for! 6. My roomtour of my new flat, not fully optimal but a little overview of the flat, I am still to do a proper video on this matter!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Small Change – Golden Hair

Hey Chicks! Sorry for the recent absence, I have had my head in the books and really been in the zone study-wise. It is super nice to finally do something that I really love, like the assignment I am writing right now regarding Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Though I have updated my youtube account with two new videos; an Autumn styling video and a thrift haul. see them here. A whole other thing; as you may can tell I’ve dyed my hair a few shades lighter, this was quite a big step for me since my hair have been red for almost five years. This is quite close to my natural hair colour and I am really staring to appreciate it. Do you like the colour?

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