Sunday, February 11, 2018

Second Hand Clothes // What I Am Wearing


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Hello everybody! It has been so long since my last “outfit of the day”, so basic fashion blogger of me I know. However, I met up with amazing Signe from Use Less and we filmed some videos about sustainable fashion together. Now you may not know this, but it is almost like a power stronger than the universe, when two bloggers meet up they have to take outfit pictures, they just have to. So for the first time in a year or what not, I posed for the enjoyment of having my second hand outfit photographed. We actually had an amazing day and I cannot wait to show you the videos we did. In the meantime I want to talk about second hand clothes.

I am wearing a trench coat I found last year, and it has been one of my favourites pieces ever since, even when it is too cold I still wear it out of spite.  Recently it went with me to Malaga and London, in both cases it was amazing. The scarf is my mother’s, she gave it to me because she knows how I like big scarfs, but I remember her wearing it when I was younger. The glasses are a recent thrift find, and I cannot get over how edgy and cool they look.  The layers you can see consist of a skirt, recent thrift find, a grunge looking ruined-on-purpose top which is a piece I’ve had in my wardrobe for more than six years, and a jumper which is an old thrift find. Lastly, my shoes are rescued docs from a second hand site and the tights I always buy second hand. Pro tip: save your ruined tights and send them to Swedish Stockings, they reuse them!

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Finding your own style and exploring it does not have to mean supporting fast fashion brands, there are clothes for everyone at the thrift stores and everyone can live impact-neutral when it comes to finding their style and exploring fashion.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Zero Waste Birthday Brunch

Hello everybody! Today I celebrated my birthday with my family, it was the first time I hosted the family brunch completely alone, on top of that I’ve been pretty under the weather (flu stuff). In spite of this, I really wanted to make this a no-trash, no-meat party.  I did a similar post two years ago, however at that time, I went to the butcher’s and got meat in jars. I did not do that this year, but if you’re interested I’ve linked it in this post. Here are my tips on how to make a birthday celebration less wasteful.

How To Host A Zero Waste brunch For 10 People

Decorations: I do not bother with waste single-use decorations. I have Danish fabric flags on a string and they go up every time it’s someone’s birthday. I also have a table flag from the thrift store, it is butt ugly, but I love that you can easily see it’s homemade.

Bread: I did not have time to bake, like at all. Instead I went to a baker shop with my own canvas bad, asked for no paper or plastic bags. This is one of the easiest things to do zero waste, just don’t be afraid to ask.

DSC06809Homemade: I decided to make vegan pancakes from scratch, buying items like this finished, typically means paying for a packaged and processed product, and I would never do. I also had some homemade jam, not made by me, but a member of the family, still much better than the store bought stuff.

Store bought: The things you do buy in the store, make sure to go for cardboard or glass. These materials are super easy to recycle. I got some small snacks like raisins, nuts and chocolates, as well as a natural peanut butter spread, organic of course.


Fruit: It is one of these things that are so easy to find plastic free, select whatever you can find plastic free and let the selection guide you. I got avocado, bananas, lemons, yellow peppers and melon (the blueberries are my mum’s leftovers).

Drinks: I had bulk tea and coffee, so that was easy. I bought some italian lemonade on a glass bottle and made cold lemon water. I also put some orange syrup on the table, it is nice to spice up your water, or pancakes. If you want to make it yourself, I’ve left a link to the post, it’s part of my soda recipe.

How To Make Your Own Soda

Not Zero Waste: I’ll just briefly like to mention the products I used that did contained plastic. I used a plant based butter, as well as soy milk in a carton. Furthermore, I also found some vegan cold cuts which I thought would be nice. As I said before, two years ago I bought package free meat, but this year I thought I would rather take the vegan option. You call this personal growth?


Monday, January 22, 2018



Watch the video recipe here

Hello everybody! Today I made my very first remake recipe video. You know, where you take someone else’s recipe and improve it. I’ve eyeballed the Threadbanger taco cake for quite some time, so I decided to make it a little more earth friendly, a splurge does not have to cost us the planet. It was indeed the most delicious thing I’ve eaten in a long time and just hella packet with carbohydrates, damn.


The taco cake consists of homemade tortilla, made with organic wheat flour. Four layers,  in the bottom there is a meat alternative sauce. I bought it in my own container from a local Mexican resturant that makes it and it is divine, it’s called habajol. The second layer is basmati rice. Third we have a layer of vegan cheddar chili style cheese with jalapeño peppers. Lastly a layer of mashed black beans. Served with homemade guac and salsa.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Málaga // Tips For Sustainable Travelling


Hello everyone! I just came home last night from a week in Málaga, Spain. It was nothing short of amazing and exactly what I needed. The weather was just the right temperature for a Scandinavian like me, quite used to much colder weather than 15 C. I’ve gotten a lot of comments and questions about how to travel more sustainably, so I thought I would give you my pointers on that. These tips are not specifically about Málaga, as they can be applied anywhere basically, but they all worked about for me last week.

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Also, of course it is more sustainable to travel by train than by plane. However, sometimes that is not an option. I would never compromise my desire to see the world, so these tips do not include air travel. However that being said, it you can you should avoid it for a more sustainable alternative. If you cannot avoid additional waste by not printing out tickets, boarding passes and so on. Keep it in the wallet option on your phone. Okay, so on to the list.


Bring containers, wrappers, glass or cutlery with you from home. I used my beeswrap several times for light snacking, specially when I went to the market. I can also recommend a sort of wrap or container for potential restaurant leftovers, if you go out.  No one is too fancy to bring those leftovers home, go ahead.

Obviously, ask for no straw, please. It is the simplest thing ever and if you are nice about it, explaining that you do not want to waste anything, people are super understanding most of the time. The only problem I had a couple of times was that some waiters did not quite speak English, but learn a few phrases in the desired languages and you are good to go.

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Generally decline all sorts of free conveniences. Straws, napkins, cupholders, flyers, coupons, receipts, plastic (or paper) bags and whatever. These sort of things pile up like crazy. Just say no, if possible before they are even offered to you. Moreover, declining such items lessens the demand, meaning less will be made if people stop accepting it, win win.

Plan restaurant visits and explore sustainable, eco-friendly and plant-based places.  A follower of mine on Instagram recommended tons of great places. I went to ByOko which is an eco café with the most amazing vegan smoothie bowls and delicious veggie sandwich options. I also went to the big marketplace, and there were bulk items for days, quite handy to have a canvas bag with me, I tell you.


Thursday, January 4, 2018

MY ZERO WASTE GOALS FOR 2018 // Moving My Ass, and Making Lipsticks


Hello everybody! I hope you are all doing well. I thought I would tell you guys about my goals and resolutions for this year, I accept the clichée nature of this post, but hopefully it still ends up sort of inspiring.  I am heading to Copenhagen tomorrow morning, and I am of course filming a vlog all about it. I am working with CanopyLAB and contributing to their Sustainability for Youth course. I am crossing my fingers I am able to stop by LØS and stock up on bulk goods.

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One: More self love. It seems so banal to remember to care for yourself, however I still seem to forget all too quickly. Taking some time to really reflect on how I feel and act accordingly is something I want to make more of a priority. It is so easy to lose yourself when only listening to the opinion of others, I learned the hard way this year.

Two: Exercise, duh. I have promised myself to get my bottom moving this year, seriously. However, I have had trouble finding a sort of exercise that I won’t hate after five solid minutes. I’ve started swimming, and running/walking (who am I kidding), which is a combi I am loving thus far.

Three: Get greens girl. Even as a zero waster it is easy to end up eating too much processed food, it can literally happen to everyone, apparently.. I am slowly starting to making more unprocessed, and plant based, dishes again, and honestly, I can already feel a huge difference. Although, nothing quite beats a good ol’ chip…

Four: Even less clutter. Although I exclusively shop second hand, and thereby impact neutral, items, I still have to remind myself not to buy stuff I don’t need. Maybe it is the hoarder gene within me, but I have a hard time passing up beautiful second hand furniture, or even better vintage kitchen tools. However, the capacity for my kitchen cannot stand anymore knick knacks.

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Five: Travel more. Done. Next week I am off to Spain and then England. Last year, I spent a huge amount of money on tattoos, which I all love. However, this year, my spare change will be spent travelling. I am taking a trip with my dad as well, Portugal is up in the air at the moment. Also, I really want to see Malaysia or Vietnam.

Six: Stupid Lipstick Recipe, why are you not working? I need to perfect my zero waste lipstick recipe, seriously, it is embarrassing.

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