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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vacation Seasonal Foods

Hey Chicks! Just a quick check-in. This is my favourite things to eat right now. We spent the day before yesterday picking elder flower, actually we hiked for 2 hours around the area to find the best flowers. It is the most zero waste it will ever get! We are using the flowers to make soda, makes a really nice Summer drink with some lemon and ice for sure! The strawberries are locally grown and of course, organic. They were picked an hour before we bought them, from a local farmer. I love using the seasonal fruits and veggies in my area – it is more sustainable and the quality is outstanding! What are your favourite seasonal food?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Apartment Glimpses

Hey Chicks! I am going on a cozy vacation for a week, so close by the beach that it is crazy, therefore I won’t be blogging as much. However, I will post some pictures on Instagram, and surely a little post then and there. Anyway, here I have a few snap shots from my apartment, my favourite things that it. Firstly, I love our herbs hanging from the ceiling. We tend to pick out wild herbs and dry them at home. It smells fantastic an look great! I also love out Kilner drink dispenser, it is simply perfect for summer! What are your favourite things about your apartment?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Zero Waste Road Trip // No Plastic

Hey Chicks! My mum invited me on a tiny business trip today, so we are driving through the country. I tend to pack bags that are way to large compared to the amount of time I will be gone, but who doesn’t right? I’ll try to only bring my daily essentials – that is, my most important zero waste tools. Currently, I am looking for a smaller fork and knife, so they can fit in my jar, but for now I am using silver heirlooms, which ass a classy touch, lovely. I also bring a tissue, which can be handy at many occasions. Of course I’ll also bring my straw, I pretty much take one everywhere I go! What do you bring along as your essentials?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Outfit Recap // Got A Favourite?

Hey Chicks! It has been a bit slow with outfit posts, I’ll give you that. There is one simple reason for that, I have been occupied with something that to me, seems a lot more interesting. My zero waste experiment, turned lifestyle, takes a lot of my time for research and what not. One might say that the topics of my interests has changed slightly. I do still love taking about pictures, styling second hand finds and matching patterns together. Of course. I really hope you like the mix of lifestyle and fashion that has become evident on the blog. Feel free to comment down below which outfit you like the most! I send you the best vibes, take care!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day To Night Second Hand Look


Trousers and purse - Morfars Moustache

Hey Chicks! I’ve been wearing these trousers so much, I find them super versatile and therefore I’ve made a video whee I style them both for casual and dressier purposes. I hope you like the video! Almost every item in this video is second hand or vintage. I hate buying new clothes, but I love browsing through second hand stores, also online. Check out Morfars Moustache if you like online vintage stores!

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