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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bargains and Good Deals

Hello Everybody! Originally I did not even want to address Black Friday and use my energy on something that stupid. However, since then I have encountered so many aspects with which I disagree so here goes. I thought I might as well address the issue of yesterdays insane foolishness. Of course I am talking about Black Friday, a tradition which has been adopted by the Danish stores for the merely reason of increased sale. It is days like this I feel blessed that I found joy in Zero Waste. In stead of going completely crazy about discounts and bargains, read a book, give someone a compliment, say no to a freebie and make something from scratch.

Something that really got on my last nerve was that even #BuyNothingDay was utilised to sell more and promote more stores. Captions like ‘If you’re tired of Black Friday, check out these deals’ seem not only to be double standards, but just as well promoting a very unhealthy view upon what is important in one’s life. Personally, my counter response to this consumer tradition is to address the foolishness rather than staying quiet. Thank you to my Insta followers for convincing me to address the issue. Have a brilliant day!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Zero Waste Recipe // Tortillas

Hello everybody! Some of you wanted more recipes on the blog, regarding zero waste, and I have been trying to incorporate some recipes into the blog posts. I have already made a recipe for a delicious nutella-like chocolate spread and some awesome vegan cup cakes. I love trying to make stuff that everybody usually buys in the grocery store, and this time it is tortillas. I never made them myself before my zero waste life, since you can buy them pre-made, but those are no good and wrapped in plastic, check these out:

  • You will only need two-three ingredients, that is flour, water a splash of olive oil. Firstly, for every cup of flour add half a cup of water. The dough needs to be smooth and must not stick to the table. Keep adding flour or water until you find a consistency you like. I like to add a splash of olive oil to the dough in order to make it more flexible and easier to work with.
  • Divide the dough into smaller balls and roll them out. Use a lot of flour on your table – if it sticks it is pretty much ruined. Roll them as thin as you can and you are ready to cook!
  • Heat a large frying pan as much as you can. Warning, when you put your tortilla on the pan you must watch it at all times, it cooks really quickly.
  • Extra tip: When your tortilla is done place beneath a slightly wet piece of cloth, it makes them softer and keeps them warm.

I will never buy that pre-made rubbish ever again, these are much more delicious, healthier and it is so quick to make them when you get the technique going.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hair Process // One Year Ago and Now

Hello Everybody! I love comparing pictures at the moments, now vs one year ago. It is rather fun to see the difference, especially if it is of positive nature. Even though I sometimes miss my long smooth hair, I still really like my in-process-dreads, it is just a lovely journey. I would love to know which look you like the best!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Urban Gardening // Avocado Progress

Hello Everybody! I realised that it has been quite a long time since my last urban gardening post, so here goes. Remember the small avocado sprout my boyfriend and I got from one of our friends? It has grown, a lot! Even though I saw somewhere that it takes up to seven years for an avocado tree to actually carry fruit, it still looks rather amazing in the window. Have you ever tried to regrow anything? 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why Organic Food Makes Me Sad

Hello everybody, I have been thinking about something for a while, so I decided it was time to speak my mind. This post is regarding organic food and the supermarkets’ handling of organic foods in general. I took the pictures above in my local grocery store. The sight of individually packaged greens make me feel sad. I am so embarrassed that so many people actually thinks this is a good thing. No one questions the packaging, if they did, this would never happen. Firstly, this is a waste of resources, utterly and completely. It is to gorge oneself in resources that we cannot afford. Secondly, it is so misleading and manipulative. The toxins which is found within plastic has an impact in the food which is wrapped, organic or not, that is a pure fact. So why compromise the amazing quality of the food? It is such double standards that it seems hard to believe that this is actually serious marketing. This plastic serves the purpose of telling the consumer that this food is organic and healthy and more sustainable that other foods, then why wrap it in something so wasteful and unhealthy? I usually shop at my beloved farmers markets where individual plastic is no where to be found, but it happens that I am in lack of something and then I have to enter this hell. I hope the organic food industry realises how wrong and wasteful their approach actually is.

Sorry for the rant you guys, but I really think it is important, as a consumer, to speak out loud then you feel unheard.

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