Daily products index // here is what I am currently using

Hello everybody! I have long been wanting to make an index of the products I use in my own daily life – some of them are as zero waste as they can be, others, not so much. It’s easy to recommend the most sustainable products, but the truth is, sometimes the ideal solution isn’t readily available, so we choose the next best thing, or the next next best thing. But what is the common denominator, always, is the wish to be better, more conscious, and reduce impact. As such, I have created this index, that I’ll gradually update if I start using new products, so there is also a place to look for recommendations, or at least getting an idea what someone else in the zero waste movements is currently using.

I have previously made numerous lists, with everything from clothing, underwear and shoes, to beauty and household brands, all looking to be more sustainable. You can still check them out here (the difference between these lists and this index is that I haven’t tried all the brands listed in the other posts, but everything added on here is what I am currently using).

I have added household products, beauty, hygiene, and health products to the list, but I am always interested in letting it grow, so if there are additions things we can add, let me know. Anyway, here is the index:

Beauty (cosmetics, soaps, and hygiene)

Health (supplements and menstruation)

Household (laundry, and cleaning)


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