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Hello everybody! In the context of my other list posts (online zero waste shops & sustainable fashion brands I stand by) I am now making another list which has been rather requested, and frankly, something that I think is super important putting out there. Most of my wardrobe consists of second hand and vintage clothes, and although I absolutely love supporting the good conscious and sustainable, non-green-washing, brands that are out there, but once a thrift-head, always a thrift-head.

My Depop shop (lol): I HAD to put my own shop on here, haha. I am decluttering my closet once in a while and putting my clothes up for sale. It’s a good combo of clothes and accessories from conscious eco brands and thrifted second-hand clothes I’ve found thrifting (so that includes thrifted clothes from fast fashion brands too). I ship worldwide.

Dessert Fox Collective: A vintage shop that sells mostly boho and 70’s inspired clothes and accessories. You can find some great authentic pieces as well as some cool unique items made from reused materials. Ships worldwide.

Depop: As mentioned above, Depop allows you to sell clothes on an online platform. This app is international you can be used by people all around the globe.

Vintage Rags: is a company reselling vintage and second-hand clothes with two stores based in Germany and a website with worldwide shipping. If you’re ever I Köln or Hamburg, I highly recommend swinging by the actual store, it’s super cool.

Haute Vintage: sells vintage items and has its own candle line as well. The clothes are very clean cut and minimalistic and luxurious. They ship worldwide.

Veras Vintage (EU only): A Copenhagen-based vintage and second-hand shop with an online store that ships to all of Europe (if you write them they will also ship to the US). One of my personal favourite vintage stores to visit.

thredUP (North America only): is the biggest second-hand platform in the US, and definitely a place to check out. They ship to the US and Canada.

Zadaa (EU only): Zadaa allows you to buy and sell items privately and works the same as Trendsales. This app is available in DK, UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Vinted (selected EU countries): an online platform that allows you to sell and buy clothes and other items from other people. The website is available in France, Spain, The Netherlands, and the UK.

United Wardrobe (selected EU countries): another great platform for buying and selling second hand clothes. This app is available in The Netherlands, France, the UK and Germany.

Red Vintage Aarhus (EU only): The absolute cutest vintage shop of all time, originally started on Instagram and ships to 23 European countries (you can contact the shop if your country is not listed)

Lidt smartere (DK only): is a Danish online second-hand shop hosted by Blaa Kors. It is literally like the physical thrift shops, but online. Only available in Denmark.

Trendssales (DK only): this is a platform that allows you to buy and sell your own stuff, everything from clothes to interior. It is a Danish app that I assume only works in Denmark, maybe in Norway and Sweden as well. You can definitely find similar apps in other countries as well.

Bæredygtig Beklædning (DK onyl) (DE only): A Danish second hand platform that both sells, and buys second hand clothes. Use the code Gittemary15 for a discount.

Kleiderkreisel (DE only): A German platform that allows you to sell and buy second-hand clothes, only available in Germany.

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  1. Hej Girl!! One told me she found my page through your page! Thank you so much for the recommendation, I never thought my small shop will be mentioned !!💕Thank you so much😘

  2. This list is amazing thank you so much!!

  3. Thanks for the list!
    “armadioverde” it’s an amazing second hand shop for Italian consumers 🙂 you can send and buy second hand clothes!

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