Zero Waste Dental Hygiene // Plastic Free Alternatives

Hello everyone! I thought I would do a collective post, gathering all information about zero waste alternatives to all things related to dental hygiene, so here goes.

Homemade Toothpaste: The first thing I made when I got into zero waste was toothpaste – see the recipe here, because it was super easy! I was actually quite happy with it at first but soon I grew tired of it and ended up serious dreading that part of the day, as I got nauseous from the mixture. Although I know a lot of people how simply love it, so give it a go before you say no!

Bamboo Toothbrush: I researched many brands and I found that most brands use non-compostable bristles, which is sad. However, I still like my brush, get it here.Β Β This is one of the things which makes a huge impact and it is so easy to make the switch to a eco-friendly brush, just do it now!

Dental Tabs: Something I tried recently, but gazed at several times, are dental tabs! As I grew tired of homemade toothpaste, this is just great! I made a video review where I go into mere detail – watch it here! They came from in a paper bag and they have a great mint taste!

Compostable floss: I never flossed, which is so stupid, but now where there is no excuse and I going to! This floss made from silk and covered in beeswax is amazing, and compostable! What is not to love! So far I have only seen it one place and it is here!


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