10 Low Waste Tips For Makeup Lovers

Hello everybody! I have always loved expressing myself through clothes and makeup, accessories and hairstyles. Generally, I have always loved feeling special, as well as feeling that I have put some effort into myself. It does not have to involve makeup, it can also be through exercise, good food or self-care. But for the purpose of this context, I am specifically talking about that feeling of applying some super dope makeup. Can you even consume makeup products whilst pursuing a zero waste lifestyle? I have put together 10 tips that will guide you in a more sustainable direction, even if you have a passion for makeup and beauty products.

DIY MASCARA // zero waste and all natural

2. Reuse containers. Find brands that offer refill services. This way you get to use the same container over and over, or the container will be cleaned and repurposed by the company, either way, it’s better than throwing it away.

3. Mind the packaging. Choose plastic-free packaging, like glass, metal or paper. These materials are easier to repurpose or recycle. Many lotions and cremes come in glass, and several eyeshadows can be found in cardboard packaging. If you cannot find a perfectly plastic-free alternative, then choose the one that has the least amount of plastic.

How To Make Zero Waste Foundation Powder

4. Ignore sparkles. Boycott glitter and all products with synthetic sparkle. It’s microplastic and dangerous to your body and to the environment. There are biodegradable glitter options, but I simply choose to avoid it altogether because it is not a necessary product for me. You can avoid it, and even if you think you can’t, then challenge yourself and try.

5. Replace disposables Use reusable cotton rounds and quit q-tips. There are plenty of alternatives to these products, and if all else fails, then use a towel.

Zero Waste DIY Concealer

6. Mind small particles. Look out for micro-beads. They are in many lotions, scrubs, and pastes because they add texture and colour, but they are also plastic. These beads, like microplastic, will be flushed out into your water systems and cause pollution. You can easily make your own lotions and scrubs, or simply choose products that do not contain microbeads.

7. Mix and match. Practice mixing your own shades with colours you already own, buying less is always the best option. I mix my lipstick shades by blending 2-3 different products, but that gives me endless options for lighter or darker shades. This is also a giant space-saver.

8. Less products. Find a product that has multiple functions, eye shadows can act as lipstick pigment, rouge or eyebrow tints.

9. Natural ingridients. Exfoliate your skin using natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, or avocado.

10. Homemade options. Experiment with homemade makeup. I have been making everything from blushes, foundations, mascaras, eyeshadows, and lipsticks. It is not impossible, it is actually a lot of fun.


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