Zero Waste Recipe // Salsa

Hello everybody! I have another recipe for you, this time for a some packagefree salsa. I already made a recipe for zero waste crisps and zero waste tortilla, so why not salsa as well? It is super easy to make, and I got all the veggies I needed from my green grocer! Today I used the salsa on a piece of naan I made a couple of days back, the same recipe for tortilla, just thicker!

Here is what you need to make salsa, without any package waste! Three-four large tomatoes, garlic, two limes, three-four chilies, half an onion, and some coriander- I know the measurements are quite abstract, but it really all depends on how you want it to taste.

What you do is you take the tomatoes, slice through the skin at the top and boil them for 3 minutes, afterwards peel the skin, it is quite easy if they are boiled. Then chop them in the size you desire. Chop onion, garlic, coriander and chili as well and use the juice from the lime to top it of! I if you it super chunky just mix all the chopped veggies in a bowl, but if you like a bit smoother, like me, mix it for 1 minute in a blender – and that is it, so easy, so tasty and no packaging!


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