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Hello everybody! I realise this post has been under way for a long time, but now it is here! When going zero waste you realise that there is a lot of food that is easy to make yourself, but you never tried to do so because everything is pre-made and packaged for your ‘convenience’. However, what if I told you that you can make your very own crisps, and not the healthy boring kinds but actual crisps! I eat them with guacamole, salsa and cheese but they are also delicious with any other kind of dip, stay tuned for recipe:

You’ll need: 4 cups of white flour, you can also use corn flour if you can find it without plastic, I could not so I found that ordinary flour is great as well. A casserole and sunflower oil – be generous with the oil btw. I get my oil in glass bottles, look of glass options whenever you go shopping.

– Mix the flour with water, use only one cup of water at a time. It should be exactly like pasta dough.
– Roll out the dough, it should be a little thicker than what you would expect.
– Use a glass or ravioli cutter and cut your crisps in the desired shape.
– Warm your oil on maxium heat – test if the oil is ready by dropping a tiny bit of dough in it, if it is making small bubbles around the dough it is ready.
– Drop 3 or 4 crisps in the oil at a time, depending on the size of the casserole.
– You must be pretty quick, the crisps only need about 20 second on each side.
– Put them on a towel to cool, add a pinch of salt and you are done!


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  1. Wow, the look and sound realy delicious, yammie!!

  2. I did that with (thin sliced.. more like peeled) potatos my sister a couple of times. So delicious since you get to do all the flavoring yourself 🙂 Still havn’t gotten around to post the pictures yet though 🙂

  3. That looks amazing! I’d probably try it with potatoes as well. It stil sounds tricky, though, but I guess practice makers perfect!

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