Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Plastic Free Beauty // Zero Waste Makeup

So Eco Makeup Brushes // Monomeer Lipstick 

Hello Everyone! I know I have talked about this a bunch of times, or a thousand, but I still think it is pretty important, if you wear makeup that is. Essentially, makeup is a luxury and not something we need per se. However, I would like to argue that wearing makeup for me personally is related directly to feeling more secure and confident – honest talk. But feeling pretty should not compromise sustainability and plastic free living, which is why I don’t wear nail polish or use hair spray among other things.

Maybe you already know, but I make a lot of my own makeup. My bronzer, blush and foundation powder which I use everyday is homemade, and super easy as well. My mascara production has really been an experiment, but the last batch I made I am so happy about.

Homemade Foundation Powder // Homemade Blush // Homemade Mascara

4 thoughts on “Plastic Free Beauty // Zero Waste Makeup

  1. I store my makeup in the same tins :) It looks so pretty! You say ‘I make a lot of my own makeup’ – so I’m wondering, what do you not (yet) make yourself then?

  2. I have made your DIY mascara and it works amazingly well. For my visits to the sauna I have to take it off beforehand, but in normal every day situations it stays very well on the lashes.

    Do you have a source for these tins? They do look lovely! I used a creme pot I washed out.
    Thank you!

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