HAMBURG VEGAN FOOD GUIDE // you need to know these places for sure

Hello everybody! This week I went to Hamburg for the first time, so I asked you guys on Instagram (@gittemary if you wondered) if you had any great recommendations for restaurants. Spoiler alert: you did. I did not get to visit them all, but I have included them all in this post anyway. If you are going to Hamburg and want to eat some delicious vegan food, then keep reading.

Happen Pappen, Feldstraße 36: Happen was the first place I visited, because I had heard so many good things about their burgers and sandwiches. However, I got there around 5 pm and the kitchen was closed in 6 pm. Ya gurl was too hungry to wait, so I had the vegan cheesecake. It was absolutely divine and tasted exactly how I remember conventional cheesecake tasting. The staff was incredibly kind and helpful.

Froindlichst, Barmbeker Str. 169 & Daimlerstrasse 12: This place got recommended to me a lot, but unfortunately, I did not get to go. I did, however, check their website and it looks freaking phenomenal. Pizza, burgers, burritos and salads, and waffles.

AN Vegan House, Mühlenkamp 19: This place is a Vietnamese vegan restaurant which specializes in gorgeous looking dishes, especially wonton soup and bao buns. Definitely going here the next time I am in town.

In Guter Gesellschaft, Sternstraße 25: This is the first zero-waste café in Hamburg, and I am so sad that I did not get a chance to visit. They have vegan options, but sadly not all their food is vegan.

Vegan Eagle, Wischhöfen 4: Also a place I got recommended a ton. Vegan Eagle serves a variety of nutritious salads and amazing plated bowls. They also have burritos and burgers, but I am personally really drawn by the look of their veggie bowls.

The Loving Hut, Markusstraße 2: The Loving Hut is a restaurant with vegan alternatives to traditional Asian dishes. I think they are inspired by many different cuisines from Asia because they had both spring rolls, pho soup, Thai curry and many different types of fried noodle and rice. I got a plate of fried noodles with bamboo sprouts and tofu with various veggies. If I had been in the city for more days, I would have gone back for seconds.

Marché Mövenpick, Flughafenstraße 1-3 Terminal 2: Even though I actually took the train to Hamburg, I had a meeting out at the airport. There is, to my knowledge, not any all vegan restaurants at the airport, so for a hungry traveler who also wants to eat green, my best bet is on Marché. They have tons of vegetarian options (some of which are easily veganized). You can design your own pizza, so I made one with veggies, basil, and garlic. It looks boring as fuck, but I promise you it was great. Marché is found in Terminal 2, before security.

Pizza Bande, Lincolnstraße 10: A quality pizzeria with great vegan options. They use vegan cheese from Wilmersburger which I have had several times and it is super amazing. This place was recommended to me many many times.

Vincent Vegan, Ballindamm 40: Okay, so I would have eating here twice in one day, if I had the change. They have the impossible burger, however, I did not get it. Rather, I got the vegan currywurst and a beer, I thought it was appropriate. By far the best vegan sausage I have had in a long time. They do not offer table service, but all their packaging is plastic free.

Otto’s Burger, Schanzenstraße 58, Lange Reihe 40 & Grindelhof 33: Also not a completely vegan restaurant, but they have a damn fine vegan burger anyway. The waiter asked me if I wanted the patty (which was the impossible patty, however, they also make their own from mushrooms and beans) grilled or deep-fried. Like the adult that I am, I obviously chose deep-fried. I was so ashamed, but it was absolutely brilliant. This was also the last place I ate before going home, so I thought I might as well go out with a bang.


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