AARHUS VEGAN FOOD GUIDE // you need to know these places for sure

Hello everybody! At this point, I think I have spent a fair amount of time in Aarhus and looked for enough vegan food to make a dedicated post to the vegan food option in Aarhus, Denmark. Of course, these are not all the options, but simply my favorites. Remember to check out the Happy Cow app whenever you’re traveling and looking for veg options, it is a literal lifesaver (not sponsored, just excited).

Melone, Frederiks Allé 96: formerly known as Mikuna, this is one of my favorite spots in the city. They make killer burgers and everything is a 100% plant-based. I basically always get their vegan “chicken” patty and barbeque and chips. Especially their sauce is insane. Definitely a go-to place for a thoroughly solid burger. I mean, look at this happy face.


Mackies, Sankt Clemens Torv 9: An American diner-inspired restaurant which a selection of vegan options, which include a pizza, a wrap, and a burger. They make a vegan pizza with barbeque and banana which is worth checking out. Their vegan options do not involve a lot of substitute products but rather a lot of whole veg, which some prefer. I honestly find myself in the middle.

We Feat, Guldsmedegade 33/Frederiks Allé 102: If you are looking for good, solid, organic whole food this is definitely the place. They have a variety of nourishing salad bowls, a lot of which are vegan or can easily be made vegan by removing a few items.

HAMBURG FOOD GUIDE // what I ate video

Vaca, Mejlgade 17: I have previously LOVED their vegan burrito, but suddenly they changed the recipe, so the tortilla now contains milk, so so so disappointing. You can still get a vegan option though, their vegan ensalada is still trustworthy

Pita Planet, Sankt Clemens Stræde 7: Not is 100% vegan place, but they have a homemade falafel pita which is greeeat. It’s spicy, has amazing dressing and hummus and generally, if you’re finding ourselves Aarhus Streetfood, then this is definitely worth a visit.

COPENHAGEN FOOD GUIDE // what I ate video

Plant Food Aarhus, a vegan burger place that makes fantastic burgers with beyond patties and brioche buns. They also have salads with fermented cabbage and BBQ mushroom. (Plant Food is only available via delivery atm, you can order their wood via the Wolt App).

Piccolina, Skolegyde 8: A pizza place in Aarhus that makes non-vegan food but has a rather large vegan menu as well. I’ve been there once and I was super surprised by the quality. I’ll definitely be back some other time.

Kiin Kiin, Vestergade 47: an amazing place with a large menu of vegan and vegetarian dishes, ranging from fried noodles, spring rolls, fried tofu, and udon noodle salad, incredibly tasty.

Tipsy, Banegårdsgade 39: A restaurant/bar with cheap drinks and a huge selection of vegan burgers, nachos, hotdogs, and much more, definitely worth a visit

Café Harepus: Studsgade 7c: a café/bakery that makes 100% vegan treats, this is the place to go for plant-based buttery and flaky croissants, they also have ice cream, sandwiches and other types of baked goods, absolutely an essential visit


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  1. Flot og informativ guide, du har lavet. MEN WeFeat anvender desværre engangsemballage, i hvert fald til smoothies og kaffe, og de tomme krus kan vi så nyde synet af bagefter, når de ligger og flyder på kvarterets fortove. Muligvis er disse krus bionedbrydelige, men det er ikke en zerowaste-måde at gøre det på. Fremstillingen og råstofferne koster jo også ressourcer. Derfor er WeFeat dømt ude hos os, selv om vi bor lige om hjørnet – også selv om maden sikkert er rigtig lækker.

    1. Well jeg medbringer mine egne beholdere 😅

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