20 Zero Waste Beauty Hacks

Hello everybody! It’s been a long time since I talked about beauty and self-care products last, so here we go. I often see that people need comprehensive lists and overviews rather than detailed descriptions and reviews so that is what today’s content is going to be. This post is an addition to my latest beauty video in which I talk briefly about which products or tips.

  1. Mimikaki stick – an alternative to disposable ear picks and q-tips.
  2. Apple cider vinegar – zero waste hair care, hair cleanser
  3. Sandstone nail file – reusable
  4. Lemon deodorant, cardboard deodorant
  5. Pure oil makeup remover, lush soap round
  6. Natural loofah
  7. Eucalyptus steam, natural skincare
  8. Reusable cotton rounds
  9. Homemade makeup with natural pigments
  10. Remelted soap from soap scraps
  11. Oil hair care, botanic oils
  12. Homemade salt scrub
  13. Homemade body butter
  14. Zero-waste, and reef-save sunscreen
  15. Oil pulling mouth wash
  16. Stainless steel tongue cleaner
  17. Plastic-free hair ties
  18. Palette products – less packaging
  19. Face cleaner rosewater
  20. Safety razor

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