VEGAN MERINGUE // anti-food waste recipe (aquafaba realness)

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To make the vegan meringue, we’ll be using chickpeas, or more precisely the water from chickpeas. Instead of draining the chickpeas, you can use the water to make aquafaba, so we’ll save the actual chickpeas for some other time and focus on the liquid.

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The first step is to separate the two, so strain the chickpeas into a bowl, or actually, a pot is better, because you’ll be warming up the liquids once it is strained. Let the liquid simmer while constantly stirring for 10 minutes while keeping the liquid at a low simmer. Pour the liquid back into your bowl and let it cool down to room temperature before moving forward. Now you need sugar, quite a lot. 2,5 deciliters of sugar to the liquid from one can of chickpeas.

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Whisk the liquid and sugar together for at least 10 minutes. The aquafaba will slowly stiffen, and the cool thing about vegan merengue, you cannot whisk it too much and ruin it. I mean look at this. And I can promise, it tastes nothing like chickpeas.

Once you’re done whisking you can use the meringue on top of cakes, ice cream, etc., but we are going to be making small decorations for a cake. I used a reusable piping bag to create droplets on a silicone baking mat. Now bake them in the oven for 45-60 minutes at 80 degrees Celsius. Afterward, they’ll be perfectly crunchy and sweet and ideal for cake toppings. And think, we have been pouring that down the drain.

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