The Zero Waste Fridge

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Hello everybody! I am so excited, I am moving in eight days, gosh. Because of this, almost everything has been packed down, so I have very limited access to my stuff, therefore, we must do with a flashback. I thought I would talk a bit about the zero waste fridge. These picture are all from my Instagram, so remember to follow me if you want more fridge shots. As you can see, the primary element is veggies and fruit, because I eat a lot of vegetables everyday. As I talked about in my videos I do still eat some meat, but it is not very often. Sometimes I have fish in the fridge, which my fiancee has caught himself. If I buy anything processed it comes in a glass container, like the cheese spread, if it does not – I make it myself, like the salsa or chocolate spread. I store all my food left overs and dishes in glass jars instead of plastic bags and boxes, and regarding the veggies, I never wrap them in plastic, they keep fine and nothing smells bad. I find that when storing greens and so on, plastic wrapping has become completely unnecessary. What does your fridge look like?


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