Why Am I Making Things So Difficult?

1// Package free groceries from my local market 2// Oranges and squeeze tool for homemade orange juice 3// Home baked bread served with homemade jam 4// Homemade soda, recipe here 5// Homemade canned tomatoes, recipe here

Hello everybody! During my Zero Waste journey, there is one question that keeps coming up: “Why do you want to make things so hard for yourself?” I thought I would address this subject today. The thing is I do not see Zero Waste as a way of making things harder for myself, on the contrary, I am making things so much simpler. By saying no to pre-packaged and processed foods, I also say no to tons of trash, thoughts and worries. It seems to me that eliminating such distractions from your life make it so much easier to spot the real values. Through Zero Waste I have had to make most foods from scratch, stuff you would usually buy in the supermarket, stuff like, canned tomatoes, pasta, tortilla, salsa, soda, bread, jam, juice, makeupchocolate spread and so much more. Of course it takes time, time not all people have everyday, I realise that, but I think I have learned an important lesson from making everything myself. I find a new appreciation for the food I eat, and make. Then it is not only about feeling full, it is about doing something nice for yourself. With the time one puts into meal preparation – a portion of respect for that food comes along with it, independant of what one chooses to eat.  I have realised that making something everyday normalises it completely. If you have chocolate cake everyday it ceases to be special. However, by making great things in smaller portions, or less frequently, it stays special. An example is my freshly squeezed orange juice, which I talked about earlier today, I make it, with my wooden tool, a couple of times a week, sometimes less – and it is the highlight of my day. Because not only is the quality so much better, but the joy I get from putting an extra effort into my food is extreme satisfying. Food and meal preparation can be the most dreadful time a day, and something purely practical, but it can also be the spice that gives you a whole new outlook on life. What do you choose? 


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  1. Home cooked food is always better especially sweet foods keep up the great work I love scrolling though all your posts and videos

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