Zero Waste Creativity // The Canvas Bag

Hello everyone! It has been close to an eternity since my last post, but as you may have seen on my latest Instagram post, I just moved! Not very far away from my previous flat, but I now have a little garden and lot more space! Side tracked for a minute, but I am looking so much forward to showing you guys my new place!

However, today I want to talk about the creative aspect of Zero Waste. Since saying no to disposables and plastic materials results in finding new and alternative solutions to whatever problems one may have, I thought I would address the subject of creative alternatives involving the legendary canvas bag! I want to list the different things I have used my canvas bags for, and perhaps try to inspire others to refuse disposables! 1// Naturally, the canvas bag is a great alternative to plastic bags, obviously. 2// I have often used my canvas bag as a purse as well, that way I always have one with me in case I need to pick up some stuff. 3// Gift wrapping, this may sound a bit odd to some, but for the past two years I have only given gifts wrapped in a reusable bag. Gift wrapping is just fancy trash and people always seem to appreciate the mindfulness of the thought behind refusing waste. 4// Bulk shopping, I always use canvas bags when weighing nuts, sweets, bread or other light-weight bulk objects. 5// Storage, I usually store different kinds of recyclables in different canvas bags, cardboard or paper for instance, it is a nice and practical way of organising your recycling system! 6// I also tend to use my beloved canvas bag as an over-night bag whenever I go on small trips, it is handy, as it, once unpacked, can serve other purposes. 7// Whenever I am out I also end up using my canvas bag as a napkin, instead of the disposables ones. After all, it can go in the wash. 8// Whenever I take my Eco Lunch Box out I always tie a canvas bag around it, in case of spillage. 9// Canvas bags that are way too used up become cut up cloths instead, they are perfect for cleaning! 10 // During my move I have replaced several cardboard boxes with canvas for my clothes and other everyday stuff, they are great for packing the essentials and easy to move. It is particularly handy in my situation, as I have so many of them! Bonus tip: You can also wrap canvas bags or cloths around glass and plates so they don’t break during the move. If everything is going to be pack down anyway you might as well use the full potential of the bags, instead of buying expensive packaging for fragile objects.


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  1. I love when you can use one thing for so many different purposes! That minimize the need of owning many things, wich is totally my game;). I’m going to Edingburgh tomorrow and we use clothbags to hold toiletries, socks and underwear, shoes etc. No need for plastic!

  2. Hej Gitte Mary!
    Hvor finder du dine muleposer/stofnet henne? 🙂

  3. These uses are so creative, I love it! Using a bag as gift wrap is a brilliant idea, I’ll definitely be trying it 🙂

  4. Hey Gitte Mary
    Jeg kunne godt tænke mig at høre dig ad, hvor du primært handler i Aalborg, og er der nogle steder, hvor man kan købe kikærter, linser, bønner osv. i løsvægt?

    1. Jeg har endnu ikke fundet den slags i løsvægt, hvilket er surt 🙁 Men jeg handler primært på grønt markedet onsdag og lørdag på Frederikstorv, samt grønt handlerne ved Danmarksgade 🙂

  5. As I always carry an extra one (or two), I use them to sit in the grass (no wet butt) 🙂

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