RECIPE // vegan dark chocolate brownies with hazelnuts (for da soul)

Hello everybody! Today is the perfect day for brownies. You know why? because I got my period. Two days early. Unexpected. While on a 5 km run nowhere near a bathroom, yeehaw. So there is only one thing that can turn a day like that around and that is chocolate. Let’s get baking.

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Here is what you need: 140 grams of flour // 100 grams of sugar // 20 grams of cacao powder // 85 grams of vegan chocolate // 75 grams of vegan butter // 1 cup of oat milk // ½ a cup of hazelnuts // a pinch of salt //vegetable oil

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1. preheat your oven for 180 degrees Celsius. Then in a large bowl, mix flour, sugar, cacao powder and salt. 2. Add your oat milk, and whisk until well combined. 3. Melt your butter and chocolate in a double boiler – a microwave oven (medium heat for 90 seconds, and stir every 30 seconds) 4. Mix the melted chocolate and butter in with the batter. 5. Chop your hazelnuts and sprinkle them on top. 6. pour a good tablespoon’s worth of vegetables oil in an oven proof tray and make sure the inside is all covered, then pour in your batter and bake the cake for 25-30 minutes. Let the cake rest and cool before cutting it, or eat it with a spoon from the tray, there is no judgement here.

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