ANTI-FOOD WASTE RECIPE // crispy potato peel crisps

For this recipe, we are going to be using a part of the potato that is usually wasted, but that has the potential of becoming a great low waste anti-food waste snack. Of course, we will be using the potato skins.

Because we will be using the skins, we’ll start by thoroughly cleaning our potatoes. I am using some lukewarm water and a kitchen sponge, and quickly scrubbing them down, so there is no dirt left. If the potatoes have weird spots or green areas, I would cut those off as well. FYI the peels won’t stay fresh for very long, so cook them as soon as they are peeled off, if you wait it might not be as good.

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Now let’s get to peeling. I would recommend using a peeler rather than a knife to create those super-thin strips. And try to make long strips as well, by going slowly all the way thrown the potato. The longer the strips are the better, and easier they’ll be to eat later.

Now I also added some cayenne pepper for a little bit of *spice* for my peels, along with some salt, pepper, and oil. Btw before combining them with the peels, I would recommend drying the peels on a cloth towel to remove moisture, I didn’t do that, and mine got crispy anyway, but I think the result will be even better if you do. When everything is mixed together, lay the peels out on a baking sheet or in a tray, try and not place them on top of each other for the crispiest result. I also recommend using a silicone mat or some parchment here, so they won’t stick to the tray.

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Place them in a preheated 200 degrees Celsius oven for about 8-10 minutes, let them cool for 2 minutes and enjoy, anti-food waste crispy potato peels that you can eat as is, with a dip or sprinkle on top on a dish.


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