Follow Me While I Go Zero Waste Shopping

Hello everyone! A few days ago I filmed a new video, taking you guys with me while I go zero waste shopping! I hope you will like the video! I filmed the video three days ago and the veggies are still going strong. I have been challenging myself to only come up with recipes from one batch of groceries and so far it is going really well. This is my day four without meat, although I have been eating dairy products, but meat-wise I have not been having a problem skipping it several days in a row.  And while I am here, I really have to explain my inactivity here on the blog. My laptop crashed, so my time on a computer has been sparse. However, I have been posting on Instagram and Facebook, so stay tuned on my social media platforms until my laptop situation improves. Until next time, take care!


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  1. So cool! You are my inspiration. 😍

    1. Wow thanks Wiky! Good vibes from Denmark!

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