Zero Waste // The Toilet Paper Issue

Hello everybody! When it comes to a subject such as TP, there are several ways to avoid making too much trash. Personally, I am a fan of plastic free alternatives, but of course going all the way and using washable cloths is also an option – just not for me. Instead I contacted a local cleaning agency which then provided me with a huge package-free roll of toilet paper, pretty amazing. The ones I found was sold individually and with no sort of packaging. Walk around in your area or contact local businesses to find alternative solutions and avoid the unnecessary plastic!


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  1. and we can also use bidet alongside with paper to reduce use of paper 🙂

    1. Of course! I know that is very common some places, and when I travel I often see it, it is really a great idea. However, here in Denmark it is not very common – in fact I don’t think I have ever seen it 🙁

      Good vibes!

      1. You can buy an attachment from Amazon and other places that fit 99% of toilets to turn it into a bidet!!! Fairly inexpensive and works just like the fancy toilets with them built in!

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