My Fiancée Does The Zero Waste Shopping

Come With Me Grocery Shopping // video

Hello everybody! As I am currently in no condition to carry tons of canvas bags back and forth, or leave the flat for that matter, my fiancée does the shopping – and will be doing so for more than a month. Even though I am injured, zero waste is still extremely important to me. Luckily, it is important to him as well. I just wanted to show you what the food we will be having the next through days, as we are going to stay with my family during the holidays, he only bought food for three days max. We have some cauliflower, spinach, salad, carrots, avocados, limes, a mango, tomatoes, clementines, radishes and a pineapple. oh and some locally farmed chicken too, as he still wants some meat now and then. Although I think we will have some food to spare, and that we will be bringing with us as snacks. I also included a picture of the amount of trash this shopping trip produced, it is an elastic band, some paper tags, and some stickers. Pretty good I’ll say!

If you want to know more about how and where I do my zero waste grocery shopping, check the video which I linked above. Good vibes!


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  1. I love how colourful your shopping is. How often do you eat meat?

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