Fast Fashion vs. One Ugly Sweater

Hello everyone! It may not come as a surprise that I shop second hand, yup that is the life. I have always found that the things I find in the thrift store are the things I will continue to love forever, and whatever I used to purchase in “real stores” would always fade, both in style and affection. One of my most worn items to date is a sweater that I originally bought because I thought that it was so ugly that it started to look cute. I stopped wearing it ironically two years ago, I own this thing now, for real.

My extensive use of the sweater got me thinking about fast fashion and how being fashionable and stylish is often associated with owning a lot of things, tons of different options, different colours. Once, I owned tons of clothes as well, clothes that I of course never wore, ever. I realised whilst looking at my hardly “on trend” go-to piece of clothing that I have never been as happy as I am with my one ugly ass sweater; and even though the rest of the world may disagree – I have never felt as stylish as I feel in my ugly ass sweater. All I want to point out is that wearing the same thing over and over does not make you unfashionable, but buying fast fashion fixes that are both expensive for you and for the planet definitely does.


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  1. I adore this post. Thrifting is so much more rewarding. It’s so cute how much wear your getting out of your sweater.

  2. Working in industrial cleaning Bristol, I try to shop second hand for some of my work clothes. I can get very greasy and messy with some of the work I do. I shop in charity shops, but not just for my work clothes. I must confess I think I have a little addition to bargain hunting.My company also supports a green cleaning policy. Recycling is high on our priority list, and that goes for equipment we use as well as the clothes I wear!

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