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Hello everybody! I have always loved interior design. When I was a child I loved rearranging my room, cleaning it, decluttering etc. I generally just really enjoyed making my living space a place I actually wanted to live in. And guess what, that has not changed a bit. However I have a problem with the way many companies produce furniture and decor today. We produce and consume products that should have lasted us a lifetime, but we treat them as though they were disposable. Often the things you buy in bigger chain stores are built really poorly, and often that means that the materials cannot even be recycled. Why are so much furniture and decor built badly today? Because the majority of consumers want it as cheap as possibly and that demand is pricey in the end. I always advise people to purchase with intention, and select items that you will only have to buy once, instead of cheap, unethically and unsustainably manufactured products.

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Because of this, I always love when I get the chance to work with a brand that really pushes against this toxic consumer culture. Meet Écru Écru, a sustainable rug brand that reuses cotton and scraps from the Spanish textile industry and turns them into amazing creations. The rugs are handmade at a Spanish family-owned weaver mill, and the production is both transparent and ethical.

Furthermore, they do not use any chemicals when producing the rugs, which is often an overlooked consequence of textile manufacturing. Polluted waste water infused with harsh chemicals may leak into rivers and oceans causing significant damage to ecosystems. So I am very grateful that Écru Écru are going the extra mile to ensure that this does not happen because of their products, I can appreciate that. All the information regarding their manufacturing is available on their website as well.

Being a conscious consumer does not mean that you have to press pause on all your other passions, it simply means that you have to reflect on how you can do what you love in a way that is sustainable and ethical, both to our planet and to the people who produce the goods we consume. For me, it meant that I swore off cheap and poorly made products produced by bigger companies and chain stores. The rules of fast fashion also applies to interior and decor items. So just as I still can express my passion for styling and clothes, I can still love interior and decorating without having to compromise my love for sustainability.

This post is sponsored by Écru Écru, however all views and opinions posted are my own. Furthermore, I stay informed regarding the brand’s ethics and manufacturing process, so the brand is in complete alignment with the values of me and my blog.


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  1. So good to hear 🙂 Please keep writing about sustainable interior – it is cool that there are brands out there, but they are hard to find. Second hand is off course and excellent option, but not always easy to find that special thing. check out Rugsolid.dk if you do not know them, they have a similarly cool concept.

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