“How To Not Lose Hope” // soooo I gave a TEDx talk, here it is

Hello everybody! So earlier this month, I had the honour of giving a TEDx Talk in Aalborg. I chose to speak about eco-anxiety, how to stay motivated as an environmentalist, I spoke about my own journey and experiences surrounding the zero waste movement and how I avoid losing hope in the middle of it all. I have spoken about these topics a little bit on my platforms before, for instance this video about how to deal with eco-anxiety, however, I have never talked about it like this.

I have taken the last 7 years of life lessons and boiled them down to this talk, it means a great deal to me, so I hope you’re going to like it, anyway you can watch it here:


via a Danish media platform, but the talk is in English ofc, the talk will also soon be uploaded to YouTube, but I simply couldn’t wait to show you

photos by: Andris Joó/TEDxAalborg


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