4 Steps to Zero Food Waste


Hello everybody! A massive part of living zero waste is minding all kinds of waste, not only plastic. Food waste is wasted energy and nurture and effort. By letting stuff go bad in the fridge, all the effort that was put into growing or making the food is suddenly all for nothing. Therefore, I am giving you guys 4 steps to minding food waste and avoiding good ingredients ending up in the trash. 1// Dedicate a day or two in the week for left over dishes! I have a couple of dishes that are perfect for left overs, like grilled sandwiches, tortilla filling, soups, salats and so on. We have those dishes every week to get rid of whatever may be left in the fridge! 2// Make, bake and cook! Making things from scratch may seem obvious and stupid to some. But by baking your own bread or mixing your own salsa, you achieve a higher level of respect for the food and may be less likely to through it away. 3// Know your trash. Go and take a look in your trashcan, what kinds of foods is most likely to go bad before you get to it? For me it was bananas, so I started freezing them and using them for nice cream and banana bread! 4// Reuse the veggies! Before composting (which is an awesome way to use food scraps btw) I store stuff like onion coats, carrot peels etc in a jar in the freezer and I use it to make soup broth, tastes amazing!


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