Plastic Free Bathroom Essentials

Hello everybody! I was cleaning my bathroom the other day and I had a “hey this looks dope” moment, so I took some pictures because I am a blogger, that’s how I roll. I got a few questions about the soap holder when I featured it last time. It’s thrifted, like the steel cup, the glass jar, and the mirror.

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Toothbrushes: the switch from plastic to bamboo toothbrushes was one of the first steps I took towards zero waste, and I am keeping to it still

Toothpaste: I’ve tried SO MANY different kinds of zero waste toothpaste, some of them decent and some of them absolute garbage. I have two types I like now, the stick and the tabs. I have made an entire video about all zero-waste kinds of toothpaste I’ve tried, it also has all the info about where to get the respective types.

Soap: The soap I have by my sink is “homemade”, or at least reused. Lol that sounds horrible. In truth, it’s just small bits of soap leftovers melted together to create a sort of frankensoap. Click the link above for a guide.

Candle: I have a scented soy candle in my bathroom, and even when it is unlit it smells divine. I bought it from Bleschu and it made by Run with Wolves, the candles are soy-based and organic.

Nailbrush: I have long clawy nails, and to clean them I have a nail brush. It’s made from rainforest-safe wood and with plant-based bristles.


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