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Hello everyone! Last week I posted a lot about my trip to Copenhagen. I went to give a lecture on Zero Waste, as well as to work with several green initiatives around town, and I have videos from the whole trip on my channel so definitely check them out! I am here today to talk a bit about eco friendly travel tips, or specifically how to produce less trash when travelling – btw you can see all the tips in action in the video below!

Bring reusable food containers and utensils – preferably in sizes that make them useable for several types of food. I usually travel with a canvas bag specifically for dry foods and either a glass or stainless steel container for either smaller or wetter foods.  If you buy food on the go, then ask them to put it directly into your own container. Of course it is way better to prepare your own food before leaving your house, so if you can then do that.

Pick train rides over airplanes – if that is an option for you. Personally, I have always loved train rides and it is a lot more eco friendly, obviously.

Borrow library books or games – this is more of a general life hack then a travel tip, but try borrowing instead of buying. I am a huge sucker for books and sometimes the temptation is too much, but I try to borrow books at the university library whenever I lack some reading material. Borrowed books or games, or movies, are a great way to keep yourself entertained whilst travelling.

Use digital tickets when possible – even the smallest pieces of trash are still trash, and by keeping train tickets or hotel reservations on your phone, tablet or laptop you avoid those damn unrecyclable pieces of waste.

Research green hotels before leaving – why not support green initiatives when you can? I prefer travelling with my values, which is why I enjoy when shops, hotels or restaurants go the extra mile to protect the environment, research for such initiatives near your destination and then make conscious decisions.


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  1. These are really useful tips and are something I never gave much thought to, so thanks 🙂

  2. These are really useful tips and are something I never gave much thought to, so thanks

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