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Hello everybody! I asked you guys on my Facebook page if you wanted another “What I Ate In a Day” post, I realised it has been quite a while since my last one, and you guys said yes, so here goes! This food is not crazy or all too complicated, as I am mostly in bed at the moment – find out why in this video.

Breakfast: I had homemade orange juice, which is my favourite thing in the morning! For the first time in over a week I could sit on a chair whilst squeezing the oranges without too much pain, but it was soooo good. I thought about blending it with some bananas and pomegranate, maybe tomorrow.

Lunch: It happened just to be fruit today, usually it is something more, but not always. I had an apple and an orange as well. Usually I have a piece of fruit in my purse or bag, just in case I get snackish.

Dinner: One of my favourite, and also go-to zero waste dishes, are homemade tortillas with greens. This is how I make the tortilla – recipe here and this is how I make homemade salsa – recipe here. Tortilla is such a great way to get rid of the lasts bits in the fridge, instead of throwing the leftovers out, throw them in a tortilla! Tonight I had it with avocado (ofc), cucumber, bell pepper, red cabbage, cheddar, salsa and tomato, so so good!


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