A Guide to Zero Waste Gift Giving


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Glade jul, grønne jul! Ønsker du dig en jul med mere bæredygtighed, der ikke går på kompromis med hyggen, så er Sustain Dailys julestafet som skabt for dig! Hver dag åbnes en ny låge til masser af juleinspiration, så du dag for dag kommer tættere på en grønnere jul.


Hello everybody! I have never been one to respect wish lists or registers, neither have I ever been one to simply walk into a department store and purchase products that I hope my loved ones will cherish; because sadly, the fewest of us actually cherish the mass-produced goods that we are so insistently told to by advertisers to buy. I believe that for a lot of people January is spent returning or exchanging gifts that where either just not right or maybe even entirely off. In either case I suggest we look at gifts that require less packaging, and certainly no disposable gift wrapping. Yeah gift wrapping is an issue of mine, as there is annually spent 2.9 billion dollars on gift wrap in the US alone, and most gift wrapping is a combined product and thus must go to landfills. Not to talk about the unethical and unsustainable production of most goods, i.e. fast fashion and other cheap products. I stopped buying out of quantity a long time ago, and instead focus of items that last forever, like the “buy me once” products. However, for the most part I love to give experiences. I have put together a zero waste gift guide, providing you with inspiration for experience-based gifts and you will not want to exchange and that will last you a lifetime.

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