Online Zero Waste Shops (International List)

Hello everybody! I often find that one of the hardest things about wanting to live more sustainably is finding out where to look for alternatives. Especially now, where there are practically companies greenwashing their products on every corner. I have made an overview of sustainable shops, and it will be updated whenever I find new shops to add. I have organized the shop in accordance with their locations. It is also important for me to stress that this post is not sponsored by any of the shops on the list (or anyone else for that matter). This is simply an attempt to make life easier for all of you who want to live zero waste, plastic-free, low impact lifestyles. Lots of love.

Bleschu (DK): Bleschu is selling plastic-free and zero waste alternatives to a variety of everyday items, like hygiene products and kitchen supplies. This is one of the first Danish webshops with a zero-waste focus that I found and, fun fact, I actually work with their social media now. Therefore, I can tell you that I 100% support their mission and ethos. If you are located in Denmark, I definitely recommend checking out their products. Also, it’s the only Danish shop that carried plastic-free dish soap.

Mio Bio (DK): Another Danish shop is Mio-Bio, their selection of products is slightly different from Bleschu, although there are overlaps, but not a lot. I have been super pleased with their selection of plastic-free sunscreens and tooth tabs in particular. But they also have vegan wax wraps as one of the only Danish shops I know.

Eco Ego (DK): One of my personal faves (again lol) I’ve bought several items from here, and visited the store in Copenhagen. They do a lot of great work and their products are always in alignment with the zero waste principles.

Økofamilien (DK): This Danish webshop has a large focus on family life and how to live sustainably in a family. They have a great selection of toys and items for newborns.

Natural Living (DK): I recently worked with this webshop and they have a great selection of zero waste AND vegan products, especially skincare. I am both very fond of their plastic-free sunscreen and deodorant.

N.Favour (DK): a Danish web store that carries a wide selection of eco care products, including the safety razor. They also have a cork-based yoga mat which I own myself. They also have basic starter kits with package-free soaps, straws, and reusable food wrapping.

Boobalou (UK): I recently found this shop and I worked with them on my zero waste bathroom video. They have a large variety of products ranging from sustainable children’s’ toys to hygiene products and kitchen supplies. A really good shop if you’re located in the United Kingdom.

Greener Habits (UK): This UK based online store has a great selection of plastic-free must-haves, as well as some super cool and ethical t-shirts. I will definitely keep myself updated on this shop.

Acala (UK): Acala is both big on the zero waste must-haves and the DIY beauty scene, I am a fan. It’s an ethical and sustainable company with great focus and packaging and fairness.

Zero Waste Path Shop (UK): I’ve always been in love with this shop, their soaps look amazing and they have the most amazing ethos. Can strongly recommend.

Zwoice (UK): An amazing shop with a great selection of sustainable fashion items, as well as practical zero waste gear. Zwoice also has a lot of focus on zero waste at every step of its business, which means relying on green energy and supporting local and ethical businesses.

EarthHero (US): An online store with every sustainable alternative, clothes, kitchen, beauty you name it. Worth a look if you’re located in the US.

Package Free Shop (US): Located in Brooklyn and founded by Lauren Singer, the package-free shop is hard to keep off this list. Although I am not the biggest fan of Laura myself, it’s hard to ignore the amazing availability of the shop.

Life Without Plastic (US): One of the very first zero waste shops ever I think, I did a collab with them way back in the day where I tried out some stainless steel picnic cutlery, and it still works flawlessly.

Eco Collective (US): A cool eco shop located in Seattle. They have a great selection of skin products and general wellness items.

Monomeer (DE): Monomeer is a German webshop that I specifically know for their package-free lipstick selection, yes, it’s great. If you live in German, I definitely recommend looking into this site. They have lots of stuff, including plastic-free toilet paper.

Mein Müsli Laden (DE): This is an online bulk store that will shop dried goods to you plastic-free. I have not ordered anything from them yet, but I have only heard good things. They do ship internationally, so I would definitely consider doing it at some points. They have bulk pasta, and you know I like me some bulk pasta.

Naturalou (DE): A great zero waste shop located in Germany, and they have plenty of sustainable pet gear, which I think is pretty cool. They also have stuff for humans lol.

Original Unverpackt (DE): They have also had a ton of zero waste essentials, much of which is related to food and kitchen supplies.

GreenRevolucia (BG): An all-round zero waste essentials shop based in Bulgaria, but with worldwide shipping.

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  1. Such a good idea, I’m always searching for inspiration (trying not to buy too much though haha). As this is an international list I can also highly recommend where you can filter their products depending on your priorities like vegan, recycled, cradle to cradle or many more. And hey have maaaany many great things in all sorts of categories.

  2. Really helpful post! I definetely need to go to Denmark again to do some zero-waste shopping because there are so many great initatives there. Another great webshop based in The Netherlands is They sell all kinds of “raw materials” and essential oils to make your own body cream and dish soap for example. They also have really nice DIY-kits which are great as gifts for your friends and family. They ship to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, luxembourg, Denmark, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and the US. Another lovely Dutch webshop is They have all kinds of zero-waste and vegan beauty products, soaps, and housekeeping tools. They only “ship” (actually they deliver by bike which is amazing!) to The Netherlands and Belgium, but if you live in another country you can contact them and they will help you find alternative possibilities.

  3. Another great option in California is Eco Now since they used reduced, compostable packaging for your zero waste items and they serve the Orange County area refilling your reused containers with bulk items delivered to your door. You should check them out and see if they belong on this list as well. Great, informative article tho!

  4. Another option in the Netherlands:

  5. Another shop in Germany is:

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